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Key Features

  • Evolve wax vaporizer atomizer attachment - Аdvanced solution allowing you to get the authentic taste in your mouth. It prevents leakage through the safety cap.
  • Extra quartz dual coil - Added double heater for double enjoyment while vaping. It does not allow the consumer to remain without his/her daily dose of smooth vaping.
  • Dab tool included - Clean and neat smoking device with every use, now easy and simple with the included cleaning tool.


  • Clean, refined, and authentic flavor with every puff.
  • The latest technology of heating and preventing the wax from overflowing.
  • A battery that lasts won't leave you with an empty vape, letting you easily charge it with a USB charger.

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The feeling is different when you smoke vapor with a clean taste, which takes you to new dimensions. The Yocan - Evolve turns this desired feeling into reality.

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