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Are you looking to completely transform your space with a warm glow, aesthetically pleasing details, and captivating aromas? BDDWholesale is your main stop for top-quality candles for sale online! We offer a must-have collection of scented candles, guaranteed to elevate the ambiance in your rooms to a whole new level.

Let’s dive deeper and discover the perfect candle to help you set the right mood, eliminate unpleasant odors, and create a space you don’t want to leave.


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Get Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL CandlesGet Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL Candles
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Odor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray LidOdor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray Lid
Sale price$ 5.99 Regular price$ 6.50
RARE Limited Edition Licensed CandlesRARE Limited Edition Licensed Candles
Sage (Display of 6)Sage (Display of 6)
Sale price$ 21.00

What Makes BDDWholesale's Candles Stand Out? 

We're glad you asked! Unlike ordinary candle wholesale pieces that burn quickly and don’t produce any desirable scent, BDDWholesale's collection is crafted with exceptional quality in mind. 

We've meticulously worked on each practical element, ensuring many captivating fragrances and adding a touch of elegance along the way. Here’s what makes our candles truly stand out:

  • Unforgettable Scents: Forget about standard candles for sale online! Our products go beyond the ordinary regarding the right scents for your space. Imagine the warm embrace of vanilla, calming lavender, or crisp citrus notes – endless possibilities!

  • Long-Lasting Burn: A single candle can provide several days of continuous enjoyment! Our candles are crafted with premium, 100% soy-based wax, ensuring a long-lasting burn of approximately 70 hours. 

  • Eliminates Unwanted Odors: We produce our candles using a unique formula that eliminates tough odors, leaving your space inviting and fresh.

  • Elegant Design: Aesthetic doesn't take a backseat in our vehicle! Each candle we create is housed in a fancy keepsake tin with a lid. This guarantees a touch of sophistication to your décor and provides a convenient storage solution for your candle.

Browse our candle wholesale collection today and discover the magic of scents!

A Sneak Peek into Our Candle Collection

Now that you know what makes BDDWholesale's candles the perfect choice, let's take a look at some of our specific offers:

  • The Afghan Hemp KANDL: This exquisite collection offers a range of energizing scents like Aloha Melon, Gingersnap, and Fresh Linen, all housed in beautiful keepsake tins. 

  • Odor Buddy Candle w/ Ashtray Lid: Looking for a powerful odor eliminator? Look no further than the Odor Buddy Candle! These candles are available in multiple refreshing scents like Churro and Citrus Island and have unmatched odor-eliminating properties and a unique ashtray lid.

  • RARE Limited Edition Licensed Candles: Imagine Hershey's chocolate's delightful scent or Jolly Ranchers' fruity burst, all delivered in a long-lasting, soy-based candle. These are some collector's items right here, so don't miss out!

  • Sage (Display of 6): Embrace tradition, cleanse negativity, and promote positive energy in your space with our Sage sets! This set of 6 easily burnable sage units comes in various invigorating scents, such as Palo Santo and Lavender. 

Act Fast, the Offer is Limited!

Why settle for ordinary candles when you can create an extraordinary ambiance with BDDWholesale? Don't wait – some of our collections are in short supply! Browse our complete collection of candles for sale online and discover the perfect way to transform your space!