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Get Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL CandlesGet Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL Candles
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Odor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray LidOdor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray Lid
Sale price$ 5.99 Regular price$ 6.50
Orange Chronic CleanerOrange Chronic Cleaner
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Pink Formula Cleaner
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RARE Limited Edition Licensed CandlesRARE Limited Edition Licensed Candles
Sage (Display of 6)Sage (Display of 6)
Sale price$ 21.00
Yocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air FilterYocan Green Flying Saucer Personal Air Filter
Yocan Green Mushroom Personal Air FilterYocan Green Mushroom Personal Air Filter
Sale price$ 6.50
Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air FilterYocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter
Sale price$ 6.50
Yocan Green Pinecone Personal Air FilterYocan Green Pinecone Personal Air Filter
Sale price$ 6.50
Yocan Green Whale Personal Air FilterYocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter
Sale price$ 6.50

 Choose a Strong Bong Cleaner to Make The Glass Shine

Inhaling from a dirty or moldy bong can be harmful to your health. Therefore, finding a strong glass pipe cleaning kit is important to eliminate any bacteria the pipes might contain and make them shine in the process.

There’s no need to search for a good bong cleaner, BDD has selected the best cleaners that remove stains, kill bacteria, and unclog your glass devices without leaving a chemical aftertaste when smoking. Clean and rinse your bongs or hookahs quickly. There’s no need to worry about harmful mold and bacteria contamination when the cleaners from our collection take action.

Restore Air Quality With a Good Air Filter or Aromatic Candle

Remove the weed odor from your smoky room and restore air quality with our vibrant collection of air fresheners, candles, and sage - give your room a chance to shine and smell brand new.

Our variety of scented soy wax candles burn for a long time, remove lingering odors, and can make your room smell tangy, musky, or even tasty and fruity. Meanwhile, burning some quality sage can restore energy and balance while killing bad vibes and nasty bacteria in your safe space.

Our air filters are the best solution for eliminating weed smoke and restoring freshness. Their environmentally friendly HEPA filters will break down every particle of pollution the cannabis smoke leaves in the air while also removing the harmful effects of inhaling the smoke lingering in your room.

Why Trust BDD’s Choice of Cleaning Supplies?

No matter if you’re looking for a strong glass bong cleaner or products for maintaining freshness and air quality, you can trust BDD’s collection, which follows certain principles when selecting products:

  • Quality and endurance: We offer high-quality, sustainable products that guarantee long-term use.

  • Good formula and materials: Our selected products contain safe ingredients and are crafted with organically sourced materials.

  • Environmentally friendly choices: Shop worry-free and protect yourself and the environment with our eco-friendly products.

  • Practical design: vibrant and modern, practically designed products that serve their purpose and fit well in your space.

Keep it Fresh With BDD’s Cleaning Collection 

Keeping the glass pipes spotless and the air clean guarantees a more satisfying baking session and stronger hits. Browse the neat product selection on BDD’s website and shop BDD’s cleaning collection now to keep your smoking sanctuary fresh and your glass tools clean!