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HyBird Slime Nectar Collector KitHyBird Slime Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 11.99
Connect Wood Collection - Nectar CollectorConnect Wood Collection - Nectar Collector
Sale price$ 29.99
Connect BEAK Nectar CollectorConnect BEAK Nectar Collector
Sale price$ 11.99
MK Glass Cactus Nectar Collector KitMK Glass Cactus Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 49.99
MK Glass Trippy Mushroom Nectar Collector KitMK Glass Trippy Mushroom Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 49.99
Sold out
Toxic Wigwag Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 14.99
Sold out
Lookah Dab StrawLookah Dab Straw
Sale price$ 21.99
Silicone Space Station Nectar CollectorSilicone Space Station Nectar Collector
Sale price$ 3.99
Sold out
Yocan Black - Phaser ArcYocan Black - Phaser Arc
Sale price$ 50.00
Clear Fab Egg Glass Honey Dab StrawClear Fab Egg Glass Honey Dab Straw
Sale price$ 3.99
Save 6%
Happy Dab KitHappy Dab Kit
Sale price$ 16.00 Regular price$ 17.00
Save 10%
Very Happy Dab KitVery Happy Dab Kit
Sale price$ 27.00 Regular price$ 30.00
Save 15%
Happy Mini Dab KitHappy Mini Dab Kit
Sale price$ 11.00 Regular price$ 13.00
HyBird Wig Wag Bulb Nectar Collector KitHyBird Wig Wag Bulb Nectar Collector Kit
Save 25%
Colorful Cactus Dab Straw
Sale price$ 5.99 Regular price$ 8.00
Arsenal N2GO Chillum + Nectar StrawArsenal N2GO Chillum + Nectar Straw
Sale priceFrom $ 4.99
Sold out
Silicone Nectar Collector - HomerSilicone Nectar Collector - Homer
Save 32%
Silicone Nectar Collector - RPGSilicone Nectar Collector - RPG
Sale price$ 4.75 Regular price$ 6.99
Save 13%
Space king - Electric Nectar Collector KitSpace king - Electric Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 13.00 Regular price$ 14.99
Save 29%
Space King’s Alien Ape Box of 100 Glass Nectar Collector KitsSpace King’s Alien Ape Box of 100 Glass Nectar Collector Kits
Sale price$ 600.00 Regular price$ 850.00
Save 20%
Vaporizer to Go: Space King Glass Nectar Collector KitVaporizer to Go: Space King Glass Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 7.99 Regular price$ 9.99
Take Your Nectar Game on the Go With Eyce’s Creative DesignTake Your Nectar Game on the Go With Eyce’s Creative Design

 Diversity to Hype Every Customer

Our limited collection of accessories includes a wide range of nectar collectors, suitable for every preference and budget!

  • Glass Nectar Collector allows you to experience the classy elegance and heat resistance of glass with options like MK Glass Cactus and Trippy Mushroom Nectar Collector Kits.

  • Silicone Nectar Collector is meant for portability and easy cleaning including the Happy Dab Kit and the funny and functional Silicone Homer and RPG Options.

  • Electric Nectar Collector embraces innovation with the technologically advanced Space King Electric Nectar Collector Kit, which features user-friendly heating and portability.


Nectar collectors offer a convenient and efficient way of enjoying concentrates. They are a must-have for customers, and here is why:

  • They are compact and allow you to bring them everywhere with you.

  • Working with a variety of concentrates, from waxes to shatter.

  • The setup is hassle-free, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

  • Direct dabbing allows the full taste of your concentrates to shine through.

We Are Not Basic!

BBD Wholesale always goes beyond just the basic tool. A wide range of additional accessories designed to heighten your experience and make your life easier are available:

  • Proper storage means fresh and flavorful creations. Using our airtight containers, parchment paper, and silicone storage mats will keep the quality of your concentrates.

  • Maintaining the longevity of the equipment with specialized cleaning tools designed for delicate extraction hardware. If you take the time to properly take care of your tools, they will last you a long time.

Safety First

Prioritizing safety allows you to focus on the fun part later! Closed-loop extraction systems provide a clean and efficient way of processing concentrates. We carry a variety of models!

Extraction Made Easy with Us

People feel overwhelmed when they don’t have enough knowledge but decide to buy a thing or two for themselves. Don’t worry, our expert team is passionate about concentrates and will provide you with the best possible help - always here to answer a question or two and guide you in choosing the perfect tools for your extraction journey.

The Limited Adventure

Buy nectar collector from our extensive collection at BDD Wholesale today! Unbeatable wholesale prices, limited-time deals, and unmatched support – well, you are covered for life. Get ready to create potent and flavorful concentrates from the comfort of your home.

Do not wait any longer. It’s a limited-time nectar collector wholesale offer!