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Are you tired of the same old boring smoking experience? BDD Wholesale’s collection of smoking pipes combines durability with intricate artistry that is sure to conquer all your senses. 

Available in an array of shapes and colors, all our stylish pipes are visually appealing and designed to complement any decor. Most importantly, each pipe we offer boasts amazing quality and unbeatable prices that won’t leave any herb enthusiast indifferent.


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Iridescent Shiny Finish Beaker Water Pipe (14")Iridescent Shiny Finish Beaker Water Pipe (14")
Sale price$ 16.99 Regular price$ 22.99
Sold out
GRAV 12mm Octo-Taster With Silicone SkinGRAV 12mm Octo-Taster With Silicone Skin
Sale price$ 5.00
Glass Bubbler - Colorful Standing Bubbler (5")
Eyce’s Beaker - The Vibrant Multi-purpose Silicone BongEyce’s Beaker - The Vibrant Multi-purpose Silicone Bong
Save 8%
Essential Glass Water Pipe KitEssential Glass Water Pipe Kit
Sale price$ 36.99 Regular price$ 39.99
GRAV Classic SpoonGRAV Classic Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Glass Bubbler - Mr. Giraffe (6")
Sale price$ 19.99
Sold out
Glass Hand Pipe - Spooky Swirl (4.25")
Sold out
Glass Bubbler - Lavender Bubbler (6")
Sold out
GRAV Sandblasted SpoonGRAV Sandblasted Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Save 30%
Mr. Walker: Your Trusted Smoking Companion
Sale price$ 3.50 Regular price$ 4.99
Save 20%
Transform your vaping look with the Underground Gas Mask - Skull FaceTransform your vaping look with the Underground Gas Mask - Skull Face
Glass Hand Pipe - Slime Swirl (3.5")Glass Hand Pipe - Slime Swirl (3.5")
Sale price$ 5.99
Sold out
GRAV 16mm Octo-Taster With Silicone SkinGRAV 16mm Octo-Taster With Silicone Skin
Save 13%
Space King Silicone Spoon Pipe (Box of 12)Space King Silicone Spoon Pipe (Box of 12)
Sale price$ 42.00 Regular price$ 48.00
Save 43%
Resin Pipe - Marching Pickle
Sale price$ 3.99 Regular price$ 6.99
Essential Glass Water Pipe 3D BoxEssential Glass Water Pipe 3D Box
Sale priceFrom $ 32.99
Sold out
Eyce Shorty (10 pack)Eyce Shorty (10 pack)
Sale price$ 45.00
Glass Hand Pipe - Triple Bowl (6")
Silicone Water Pipe - Ice Cream SundaeSilicone Water Pipe - Ice Cream Sundae
Cat's Claw Glass PipeCat's Claw Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 4.99
Glass Hand Pipe - Mushroom Top (4")
Sale price$ 6.50
Slime Hammer BubblerSlime Hammer Bubbler
Sale price$ 10.99
Sold out
Ceramic Water Pipe - Hammer HeadCeramic Water Pipe - Hammer Head
Sale price$ 9.99 Regular price$ 19.99
Sold out
Riddles Heavy Duty Glass Hand Pipe (2 sizes)
Sale priceFrom $ 8.00 Regular price$ 10.00
Glass Hand Pipe - Mushroom Head (5")
Glass Hand Pipe - Honey Comb (4")Glass Hand Pipe - Honey Comb (4")
Sale price$ 6.50
GRAV Pebble SpoonGRAV Pebble Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Space King Glass - 'Space Invasion' UFO BongSpace King Glass - 'Space Invasion' UFO Bong
Mini Water Pipe - Flower Bowl (6")
Sale price$ 18.99
Glass Hand Pipe - Blue Slide (4")
Sale price$ 8.99
Save 18%
HyBird Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (5")HyBird Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (5")
Sale price$ 22.99 Regular price$ 27.99
Sold out
Eyce Spoon (10 pack)Eyce Spoon (10 pack)
Sale price$ 90.00
KLEAN Glass - RigKLEAN Glass - Rig
Sale price$ 39.99
KLEAN Glass - Mini BongKLEAN Glass - Mini Bong
Sale price$ 39.99
Sold out
Dragon DNA Perc Glass Water PipeDragon DNA Perc Glass Water Pipe
Sale price$ 29.99
KLEAN Glass - BeakerKLEAN Glass - Beaker
Sale price$ 49.99
Sold out
Water Pipe -Boujee Life (14")Water Pipe -Boujee Life (14")
Sale price$ 20.00 Regular price$ 24.99
Sold out
Crystal Glass Color Arm UFO Recycler RigCrystal Glass Color Arm UFO Recycler Rig
Sale price$ 34.99 Regular price$ 54.99
Sold out
THICKET - Discreet Water PipeTHICKET - Discreet Water Pipe
Sale price$ 27.00 Regular price$ 28.99
Save 50%
Ceramic Water Pipe - Soldier
Sale price$ 9.99 Regular price$ 19.99
Astral Project Gemstone Spoon Pipe (8 styles)Astral Project Gemstone Spoon Pipe (8 styles)
Sale priceFrom $ 15.99
VESSEL Helix PipeVESSEL Helix Pipe
Sale price$ 30.00
Sold out
GRAV Mini Classic SherlockGRAV Mini Classic Sherlock
Sale price$ 9.00
Sold out
Octopus Glass Rig KitOctopus Glass Rig Kit
Sale price$ 21.99
KLEAN Glass - SpoonKLEAN Glass - Spoon
Sale price$ 11.99
Save 25%
Silicone Hand Pipe - Space VillainSilicone Hand Pipe - Space Villain
Sale price$ 3.75 Regular price$ 4.99
Sold out
Glass Hand Pipe - Rasta Dicro (4.5")
Save 13%
HyBird Wig Wag Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (6")HyBird Wig Wag Mini Rig Water Pipe Kit (6")
Sale price$ 38.99 Regular price$ 44.99
Glass Bubbler - Aqua Bubbler (6")Glass Bubbler - Aqua Bubbler (6")

Why You’ll Love Our Smoking Pipes

We want you to know what makes our pipes unique, not just take our word for it. That said, as a renowned reseller, what makes our smoking pipe collections stand out? 

  • Durability and Heat Resistance. Every single one of our pipes is highly durable. Our glass hand pipes, for instance, can withstand the high temperatures that arise during smoking, not letting the heat transfer to the user’s hand.

  • Clean Taste and Flavor Preservation. Our pipes are specially designed to help you savor the authentic flavor of your precious herb. They offer a truly enjoyable, pure-smoking experience like no other. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal. Apart from being functional items for smoking, our pipes are little pieces of art that come in a variety of shapes, designs, and vibrant colors. Take our glass pipes collection, for example. It holds the first place in offering beautiful, enticing, artistic, and unique glass pipes, from minimalist elegance to intricate extravagance. 

Whether you’re into a prolonged smoking session or you want a quick hit, worry not because we have pipes that suit every occasion. Explore our collection and find the perfect pipe for you!

Turn Your Pipe Into Your Unique Personal Accessory!

We can all agree that the uncomplicated, simple, and neutral designs of pipes look so tedious! Why not opt for a personalized, unique glass pipe customized to your preferences, just like any other device or gadget you own? Have a look at our top glass pipe categories:

  • Classic Hand Pipes. The most versatile and convenient tools for smoking dry herbs. Whether you prefer a spoon, steamroller, or chillum, we’ve got you covered! 

  • Mini Water Pipes. If you’re looking for a more discrete but nonetheless satisfying smoking experience, a mini water pipe is the perfect solution for you. And you know what? Handy mini bongs are travel-friendly, as they’re portable and super easy to use. 

  • Glass Bubbler Pipes. Now, if you’re looking to spice up your smoking experience, purchase your very own glass bubbler pipe. It can provide a smooth hit, and its flexibility makes it the perfect choice for every true smoker.

Apart from glass pipes, we have a collection of silicone and resin pipes as well. Compared to pipes made from other materials, silicone pipes offer great durability and outstanding smoking properties, while resin pipes are known for their eye-catching colors. 

Choose Your Favorite Type of Pipe and Order It Today!

Would anyone miss the opportunity to have fun while having maximum smoking pleasure? We highly doubt it! Don’t forget that for a real cannabis enthusiast, a personalized pipe is a must-have; don’t waste your precious time and take advantage of our time-limited offer!