Mr. Walker: Your Trusted Smoking Companion

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Who says smoking your bud has to be dull and lonely? Elevate your toking game by equipping yourself with Mr. Walker, an exclusive, limited-stock, fine-character glass hand pipe made for true enthusiasts. The funny and a bit spooky-looking character inspired by the famous Heisenberg will cook your bud to perfection!

What Makes Mr. Walker The Perfect Smoking Accessory

  1. Enhanced filtration: The carefully crafted glass piece allows for enhanced smoke travel! For further protection, a screen can also be added to the bowl part of the piece, reducing ash and residues in your mouth to zero.  
  2. Pocket-friendly: Mr. Walker’s exquisite 5-inch design makes the hand pipe quite easy to carry and barely takes up any space in your pocket or bag. It’s a perfect daily driver for tokers on the go.
  3. Durability: This piece was created using nothing short of the highest-quality glass and the most prominent blowing techniques, making it quite sturdy. Even though dropping glass pieces is not advisable, you shouldn’t worry about any minor falls breaking it.

Purchase a Mr. Walker glass piece while they are still in stock and get that bud cooking!

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