Elevate Your Chill With BDD’s Glass Chillums

Are you looking for a convenient on-the-go smoking piece that can be easily carried in your purse or pocket? At BDDWholesale, we have exactly what you need. Have a look at our glass chillums- the perfect small pipes designed for your smoking pleasure.

These one-handed pipes are a MUST-HAVE, and you can find a superb collection at BDD for affordable prices. If you don’t have time to roll one, let us help you find your perfect chillum!


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Arsenal N2GO Chillum + Nectar StrawArsenal N2GO Chillum + Nectar Straw
Sale priceFrom $ 4.99
Sold out
Choose Eyce Shorty (10 Pack): The Ultimate One-HittersChoose Eyce Shorty (10 Pack): The Ultimate One-Hitters
Save 25%
Glass Chillum - Large Bowl (3.5")
Sale price$ 2.99 Regular price$ 3.99
On sale
Glass Chillum Bat (2 sizes)Glass Chillum Bat (2 sizes)
Sale priceFrom $ 2.25 Regular price$ 3.99
Glass Chillum Bat with Wood TipGlass Chillum Bat with Wood Tip
Sale priceFrom $ 3.00
Sale price$ 7.00
HyBird Glass Chillum One-Hitter Display (81 ct)HyBird Glass Chillum One-Hitter Display (81 ct)
KLEAN Glass - TasterKLEAN Glass - Taster
Sale price$ 6.99
Smokerz Glass Chillum One-Hitter Dispenser (Display of 100)
Toxic Mushroom Pendant Hand Pipe (pack of 5)Toxic Mushroom Pendant Hand Pipe (pack of 5)
Triple Ball Glass Chillum (4")
Sale price$ 3.99
VESSEL Air (3 pack)VESSEL Air (3 pack)
Sale price$ 14.99

 Why Choose Our One-Hitters?

Chillums are more than just a tool. Think of them as stylish showpieces that you can proudly display and show you’re extra fancy. Here are some of the main reasons why you should take a glance at our chillums for sale:

  • Discreet Size. At BDD, we offer a variety of chillums with sleek and sturdy designs that will perfectly suit your preferences. 

  • Easy to Clean. Right after every use, you can just use a Q-tip to go through the pipe. This way, your chillium will be spotless for your next sesh. Have you looked at our Klean Glass Taster? It comes with everything you need to maintain your chillum.

  • Different Strokes for Different Folks. A smaller glass chillum will bring the heat you crave. Work your way with BDD, as we offer different chillums for sale, and you won’t have a problem finding the one that suits you.

  • Budget-Friendly. Chillums are the easiest and cheapest method of smoking. So, this is an excellent device if you are on a budget. Plus, at BDDWholesale, you can find premium chillum pipes for sale. Grab this special offer and do your wallet a favor.

Part of Our Glass Chillum Collection 

Take your time picking one or more of our pieces from our glass collection. Here are some of our best-selling glass chillums:

  • Triple Ball Glass Chillum. It is a stylish, short piece that is perfect for more experienced smokers. The subtle multicolor twist will make you stand out from the rest. 

  • Glass Chillum-Large Ball. Save up to 25% with our large bowl glass chillum and enjoy smooth and delicious hits. At 3.5in, this is the ideal one-hitter for your next outdoor adventure. 

  • Glass Chillum Bat. This one-hitter is coming to the rescue with its convenience to let you take a quick hit and chill during testing times. Get this time-limited offer only at BDD.

Secure Your Spot in the Chillum Tribe

If you are considering entering the modern recreational cannabis community, having a chillum is a must-have. Make your smoking more classy with BDDWholesale chillums and showcase that your on-the-go piece doesn’t have to be generic. 

We have some fantastic chillums for sale that are functional, portable, and beautiful. Why wait? Time flies, and so do the stocks. Don’t be late!