Reduce Your Dabbing Worries With Our Keep It Clean Collection

Do you need something to help eliminate the smoke and clean your glassware? Do not look past our Keep It Clean brands. Dabbing is a messy process that involves burning various materials in glass dishes and releasing smelly smoke. Proper cleaning with the right products usually keeps everything in mint condition for the next dabbing session.

Our Keep it Clean wholesale collection has some of the best cleaning products and candles available.


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Get Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL CandlesGet Rid of The Smoke Odors With Afghan Hemp KANDL Candles
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Odor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray LidOdor Buddy Candle w / Ashtray Lid
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Pink Formula Cleaner
Sale price$ 3.99 Regular price$ 5.99
RARE Limited Edition Licensed CandlesRARE Limited Edition Licensed Candles
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Orange Chronic CleanerOrange Chronic Cleaner
Sale priceFrom $ 2.75
Sage (Display of 6)Sage (Display of 6)
Sale price$ 21.00

Clean Your Bong With These Liquids

Our Keep It Clean collection offers two powerful cleaning liquids, the pink formula cleaner and the orange chronic cleaner.

Pink Formula Cleaner

The pink formula cleaner wholesale offers exceptional value while providing the best solution for cleaning your glassware. It works fast and is extremely effective, easy to use and does not leave any smell or aftertaste on your dabbing tools.

The pink formula cleaner is versatile; you can use it to clean glass, metal, and hookah. You cannot damage your bong because there is no need for scrubbing; it works perfectly with immediate results.

Orange Chronic Cleaner

With our orange chronic cleaner wholesale, you get the perfect earth-friendly cleaner designed specifically for water pipes. Depending on how often you need it, BDD Wholesale offers you three sizes: 16oz, 12oz, and 4oz. The Orange chronic cleaner is perfect for glass, ceramic, or hookah.

It is very effective; you can see immediate results without scrubbing or waiting. The cleaner does not leave any aftertaste, and it brightens the glass. You can just rinse it, and you are ready for your next dabbing session.

Revive Your Space With These Powerful Scents

It is essential to bring good vibes to a dabbing session and keep the unpleasant odor away. BDD Wholesale’s Keep It Clean collection features three different scents of candles and our exclusive burnable sage grains to help you with that.

Light Your Candles up for Good Vibes

We have three different types of candles on offer: 

  • Afghan Hemp Kendl candles. They bring approximately 70 hours of active burning, with seven different pleasant scents and 100% soy wax that does not make the air heavy.
  • Odor Buddy candles. You can choose from an extended number of scents, which all come with an ashtray lid on top.
  • Rare limited-edition licensed candles. These strong, deliciously scented candles from various top brands are sent randomly and guaranteed to sell out soon.

Lift the Spirit with Sage

While you can use candles to eliminate the unpleasant smoke from your dubbing session, revive your room, and keep it clean, Sage is a wonderful alternative. Coming in a display of 6 and available in six relaxing scents, burning these sage grains brings unwavering energy and a unique experience.  

Indulge in the Dabbing World With BDD Wholesale

Whether you need cleaning products, rolling tools, bongs, pipes, dabbing tools, or accessories, BDD Wholesale has everything you can think of! We offer you wholesale prices with exceptional value for your money, free shipping on orders over $500, and free returns and exchanges. With our fast turnaround, if you order your favorite products now, your items will be shipped to your address in 48 hours. 

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