Our Wholesale Dab Tool Will Enhance Your Experience

We have selected tools and accessories specifically for dabbing purposes. If you are a new-time dabber or an experienced one, for that matter, our collection presents the best dab rigs that will meet all your needs.Choose from hot knife dab tools to help you better handle your choice of substance to dab temperature tools to help achieve that perfect hit. Every one of our products is crafted with precision, detail, and style. Explore how our unique designs and high-quality materials can make your dabbing experience both a smooth and joyful experience.


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Align Your Joy: Precision Point Tweezer (Angled)
Budder Knife Wax Heating Hot Knife TipBudder Knife Wax Heating Hot Knife Tip
Character Carb Cap Tool - 6 Eyes
Sale price$ 2.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Drooping
Sale price$ 2.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Marching Pickle
Sale price$ 2.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Soldier
Sale price$ 2.00
Save 29%
Colored Quartz Pencil Dab Tool
Sale price$ 2.50 Regular price$ 3.50
Save 6%
Happy Dab KitHappy Dab Kit
Sale price$ 16.00 Regular price$ 17.00
Save 15%
Happy Mini Dab KitHappy Mini Dab Kit
Sale price$ 11.00 Regular price$ 13.00
Save 15%
Sale price$ 8.50 Regular price$ 9.99
Metal Character Dab Tool - (Display of 20)Metal Character Dab Tool - (Display of 20)
Save 78%
Mr. Italiano: Resin Carb Cap for Dabbing in Style
Sale price$ 2.00 Regular price$ 8.99
Puffco Hot KnifePuffco Hot Knife
Sale price$ 40.00
Puffco Hot Knife - Desert
Sale price$ 40.00
Save 10%
Very Happy Dab KitVery Happy Dab Kit
Sale price$ 27.00 Regular price$ 30.00
Yocan Black - JAWS Hot Knife & ThermometerYocan Black - JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer
Sale price$ 25.00

 Our Dab Tools Are Incredible

And that is no overstatement. They are an excellent option and an exceptional accessory for any smoker, and that is mainly due to the following reasons: 

  • High Quality: They are characterized by a high quality of material that produces the best results when used.

  • Creative Designs: Our products are both easy to use and very helpful in enhancing your dabbing experience. 

  • Creative Designs: Our products are both easy to use and very helpful in enhancing your dabbing experience. 

  • Flexibility: Perfectly compatible with any essence of choice. 

  • Accuracy: You can achieve your ideal shot thanks to our dab temperature tool

Some Other Additional Features You Can Find in Our Goods

  • Effortless Handling: Thanks to their ergonomic design, our tools help minimize clutter and increase your enjoyment. 

  • Maximum Efficiency: Our products provide cutting-edge technology and accurate temperature management to ensure you have the best dabbing experience possible.

  • Elegant and Practical: The tools, which are aesthetically appealing and functional, add a subtle touch of elegance to your sessions.

Stand out From the Crowd

Innovation and quality make our product stand out from the rest. Our cool dab tools will enhance your experience and give you a feeling of flair and refinement. We understand that dabbing is not just about reaching a destination but also about enjoying the journey. For these reasons, the goal of our products is to make them both enjoyable and satisfactory to the customer. 

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Take advantage of our unique assortment if you want to add additional equipment to your dabbing kit. With limited stock available, now is the ideal moment to purchase the best dab gear on the market. Enhance your dabbing experience now with our must-have items.  

Solve Your Dabbing Dilemmas

Are you tired of having a hard time dabbing because your products are of poor quality? Let our dab tools and accessories help you resolve this dilemma. With special intricacies such as accurate temperature control and easy handling, you can be sure our tools can help you manage your substances without any dilemma.

Be Part of the Dabbing Revolution

Our wholesale dab tools are ideal for personal enthusiasts wishing to stock high-quality items. Join the many happy users who have switched to our unique dab tools and improve your experience right now.