Carb Caps and Their Way to Enhance Your Smoking Experience

Carb caps are practical tools for controlling the airflow of your dab rig. They're made of glass or metal (with proper isolation), helping you achieve a bolder and more complete taste while smoking. The carb cap may be a small but powerful addition to your rig, enhancing the vaporization. 

The term "carb" has nothing to do with actual carbs, but it's short for "carburetor." It has the same name as the car part because it controls the airflow and pressure in your dab rig, making it more efficient. While it doesn't seem like our wholesale carb caps are doing a lot, the pressure makes a difference and impacts smoking in many ways. It doesn't let the precious smoke get away from the pipe and maintains the right temperature.


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Flying High With the Silicone Carb Cap - Directional Flow (Small)Flying High With the Silicone Carb Cap - Directional Flow (Small)
Save 70%
Metal Carb Cap (10mm)
Sale price$ 1.50 Regular price$ 4.99
Carb Cap - Globe Bubble w/ Pearl
Save 30%
Empire Glass Avocado Carb CapEmpire Glass Avocado Carb Cap
Sale price$ 20.99 Regular price$ 30.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Marching Pickle
Sale price$ 2.00
Save 78%
Mr. Italiano: Resin Carb Cap for Dabbing in Style
Sale price$ 2.00 Regular price$ 8.99
Character Carb Cap Tool - 6 Eyes
Sale price$ 2.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Drooping
Sale price$ 2.00
Character Carb Cap Tool - Soldier
Sale price$ 2.00
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Yocan Black Heat Vision Thermometer Carb Cap
Sale price$ 25.00


Benefits of Using Carb Caps

Carb caps enhance every smoking experience by preventing excess wax from melting and thickening the steam vapors. Here are some of the benefits to consider:

  • Enhanced Flavor - The carb caps won't let the air enter the chambers, increasing the smoke density and flavor

  • No Wax Waste - Your carb cap traps the heat and doesn't let the wax smoke get out of the chamber

  • No Overheating - These caps maintain the temperature inside the dab rig, so there is no need to reheat and overheat the dry substance. 

  • Extensive Experience - Choose our wholesale carb caps to extend the smoking and get the most out of the dry wax substance you use

How to Use Your Carb Cap

The process of using the carb cap is straightforward. First, heat the nail, then add the concentrate (wax or dry substance). Next, cover the banger with your favorite carb cap. Do it gently so you won't break any of the elements. 

Remove the cap, inhale, and then bring it back. Clean it carefully after every use.

BDD Wholesale Special Carb Cap Offer

We offer many carb caps for sale made of different materials. Each product is carefully crafted to prevent air and steam from escaping the smoking pipe. The attractive designs ease the choice, letting you find the cap you prefer:

  • Silicone Carb Cap - A small cap that helps you direct the smoke flow the way you want

  • Universal Wheel Cap - Practical and one-size that fits all the smoking pipe systems

  • Metal Carb Cap - For those who prefer minimalistic and elegant looks for their pipe

  • Carb Cap Globe Bubble - Our bubble carb cap for sale is a wider cap that gives additional mix to the steam and smoke

  • Character Cap - A special offer for those who love the characters from Rick and Morty and Super Mario

Does Carb Cap Material Matter?

Generally, each carb cap has one role - covering up the pipe and ensuring all the heat and air stay inside. That way, you get a full-smoking taste. But cap materials also matter. How?

  • Glass carb caps deliver a clean mix and taste but are less durable compared to other materials

  • Ceramic carb caps maintain the natural flavor of the dry ingredient

  • Metal carb caps are the most durable but may add a metallic taste to your flavors

Choose Your Favorite Carb Cap

BDD Wholesale offers nice carb caps for sale to enhance your dabbing and smoking experience. Choose the one that best fits your habits and preferences and have the best smoke of your life.