Flying High With the Silicone Carb Cap - Directional Flow (Small)

It’s high time you take your dabbing pleasure a step further. Discover a new type of enjoyment in which your taste buds have a party every time you inhale. With the Silicone Carb Cap’s directional flow, you get to control your vapor to a much higher degree and quality. Don’t let a high go wasted by minimizing any product waste!

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What You Get With the Silicone Carb Cap - Directional Flow (Small)

Directional Airflow for More Control: This kind of flow enables the air to circulate while maintaining the high temperature of the vaporizing content. By moving the cap, you can achieve even vaporizing, which leads to a higher-quality dabbing experience.

Medical Grade Silicone for High Temperatures: This material is hypoallergenic, bio-compatible, and with high termal stability. With temperatures up to 500 degrees, you can achieve your perfect dab.

Portability, Diversity, and Style: It’s small, it’s available in multiple colors with some glowing in the dark. What more is needed than this cute and cool pattern for dabbing in style?

Treat yourself to the Silicone Carb Cap - Directional Flow (Small) by placing an order today and changing the way dabbing feels forever.

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