Reach for extraordinary vaping with Yocan - Evolve-D Plus

End dissatisfaction and step towards a superior experience. Every smoke becomes full-flavored and mesmerizing with Yocan - Evolve-D Plus. Feel every note of dry herb through quick heating high vapor output dual coils like never before.

Let yourself enjoy vaping with a large herbal chamber and the built-in storage jar, enjoying the benefits of the latest heating technology. Each puff of smoke is an enjoyable moment.

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Key Features

  • Highly functional atomizer - Gives you the full feeling of vaping. With each pull, you will feel the perfect taste of dry herb in your mouth.
  • Long-lasting 1100mAh battery - Say goodbye to the worry of fast battery drain. Easily charge the powerful battery and blast all day.
  • An extra dual coil - The perfect heating does not end with the additional coil. A recharge can make the experience permanent and carefree.


  • A full and rich flavor will change your perception of dry herb vaping. This unique experience will bring a new level of pleasure.
  • The powerful drive and high energy of the heaters, including the smoke generator will capture every note of the puff.
  • It includes an extra coil, cleaning brush, and micro USB cable to ensure a fast-heating, clean, and always-full device.

Let vaping be a new and different experience by making the right choice for a dry herb-hitting device.

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