New Vaping Experience: Yocan’s B-Smart Slim Twist Battery

Are you looking for a vaporizer you can enjoy with style? Do not look further than the Yocan B-Smart slim. Vaping has become incredibly popular in the past few years, and Yocan is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the market. Their B-Smart slim twist battery offers you a small, compact vaporizer, compatible with 510 thread and many advanced features:

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Adjustable variable voltage. You can adjust the voltage anywhere from 2.0 to 4.0 V.

320 mAh battery. You will need a 510 charger, which does not support USB charging.

Preheat mode. You can activate the preheat mode by pressing the button twice. Use the 10-second preheat mode to make sure the materials in your vaporizer are properly melted and ready for consumption.

The dimensions of this tiny vaporizer are 3.4 inches high and 11mm wide. You can find them in 5 different colors:

  1. Black
  2. Silver
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Gold

Here at BDD Wholesale, they come in a box of 50, ten of each color. They are one of the fastest items in our store to go off the shelf, so make sure you act quickly and get yourself a box. Order now and get ready for another level of vaping experience.

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