Marley Drum Grinder: A Timeless Classic (2”)(50mm)

If we know one thing, it’s that the best buds tend to be the stickiest ones, and getting those silky textures of fine-grinded buds is a must for any smoker. Treat your ears to a Wailers tune and enjoy the grinding capabilities of the Marley Drum Grinder, inspired by a true legend.

This 3-piece will crush your herb to perfection with its sharp, metal teeth, while collecting quite a good amount of kief in the designated compartment at the bottom. Stocks are limited, so get yours quick! 

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Enhance Your Grinding Game

The Marley Drum grinder will simplify your rolling experience by providing you with: 

  1. Reliability: Considering its metal interior build and the hard plastic on the outer side, this bad boy will serve you and your bud for years to come without any issues. 
  2. Efficiency: The sharp teeth packed in the middle of the 2-inch grinder are capable of crushing even the greasiest chronic into fine-textured crumbs. 
  3. Kief: A kief-catching compartment is placed and preserved on the bottom part of the Marley Drum grinder. After a few months of gathering, you can treat yourself to that juicy kief blunt you and your friends were always talking about.

Purchase your Marley Drum grinder and get rid of those sticky fingers once and for all!

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