Your Trusted Storage Companion: Hexagon Silicone Container

It’s time to get your sixth sense sharpened with this saturated eye candy of a herb container! It’s large enough to hold your tools and concentrate, yet small enough to put in a bag. Get yourself organized in style and experience what makes herb preservation a vital part of enjoying your smokes and dishes. After all, it preserves all the right flavors when kept fresh as new.

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Why You Want the Hexagon Silicone Container

Just the Right Number of Wells: The hexagon silicone container features 8 holes altogether. Two large ones for your big portions of stash, two smaller ones, and 4 other ones for the tools. 

A Snugly Lid: The lid features a lip around the seal for tight storage. The container is around 4.5" x 4.5", which makes it perfect for taking anywhere you go with the right amount of stash inside.

Material and Design: Silicone allows products to last longer, stay flexible and rigid at the same time, and withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. It comes in two color schemes and it’s hard to decide which one is better looking.

Order your own Hexagon Silicone Container today and stash your concentrates safely!

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