Roll On the Go with the Puff Puff Pass It - Tray with Magnetic Lid

Are you tired of wasting buds and making a mess while rolling your herbs?

Say no more! Our Puff Puff Pass It metal tray ensures a chaos-free rolling experience. Made of durable metal, our tray ensures a smooth, clear surface for preparing your buds and long-term use.

But, what makes the Puff Puff Pass It tray a must-have for every cannabis enthusiast is its magnetic lid. Matching the tray’s design, the lid allows you to safely store your herbs and take them with you everywhere you go.

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Why Should You Get the Puff Puff Pass It Tray with Lid?

  • Magnetic Lid. Our metal rolling tray features a magnetic lid that fits the tray to its edge, ensuring the content doesn’t fall out.
  • Compact Design for Rolling On the Go. Our cute colorful tray comes in a small size of 9" x 6". This makes it easy to pack and carry with you, allowing you to enjoy a good puff anywhere you are.
  • Multiple Purposes. Although primarily used for grinding and rolling, you can also use the tray for storing your buds, paper, grinder, and other rolling equipment. Plus, you can use it to store other small items such as makeup brushes, tiny kids' toy parts, and needles.

Mess-Free Rolling, Anywhere, Anytime with Our Puff Puff Pass It - Tray with Lid

No buds falling out, no mess on the ground. BDDWolesale’s compact metallic rolling tray with a magnetic lid allows you to prepare your herb and store it conveniently.

Now, you can enjoy a simple and smooth rolling experience every time, anywhere you are!

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