Keep Your Goods Safe With the Silicone Container - Plastic Lined Split Jar

Great news! Today is the day you get to contain and protect your herbs with no more falling down and tossing them around. Not only that, but your highs are about to get a lot more colorful with the Silicone Container - Plastic Lined Split Jar that features vivid acrylic hues for an inspired tree-smoking, and it’s split in the middle for separation of the concentrate.

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What Makes the Silicone Container - Plastic Lined Split Jar the Perfect Product

Clever Material Selection for Storing: The silicone interior features temperature resistance (both high and low), low chemical reactivity, water-repelling, and resistance to UV rays. The plastic exterior and meticulously serrated edges allow the product to be long-lasting and tightly secured while protecting your privacy. The tight screw lid covers up the smell disguising what’s inside.

FDA-Approved for Safety: This container is BPA-free which means no traces of Bisphenol A can leach onto your herbs. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this product as safe for storage.

Portable: In addition to being stylish, this product takes up very little space and is easy to carry around and use at any time.

Get your own Silicone Container - Plastic Lined Split Jar today to achieve a whole new level of high. 

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