King Palm’s Magic Mint Flavored Mini Wraps

Are you tired of rolling your blunt with ordinary paper? King Palm has created something to elevate your smoking experience to the next level!

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Key Benefits

  • These minty fresh rolls provide a cool sensation to your smoking session.
  • 100% organic, chemical, and tobacco-free.
  • These mini rolls burn slowly and smoothly and will satisfy you with real organic mint terpenes.


  • The whole display comes with 20 packs of two Magic Mint mini rolls. Each pack contains two Magic Mint mini rolls, a bamboo packing stick, and a hydrating moisture packet. 
  • The rolls can hold up to one gram of ground herb. The wraps are perfect for your store, but you can also have them all to yourself. Suffice it to say, they are ideal for recreational smoking at home or anywhere else. Just stack them up with the organic bamboo stick and indulge in the relaxing smoke they produce.

King Palm's magic mint-flavored mini wraps are everything smoking enthusiasts need. Now, you can find them on our BDD Wholesale website, along with many other smoking tools, devices, and accessories. 

Do not wait anymore. Check us out today to add another dimension to your smoking sessions. Order your 20-pack now and have it shipped to your home address in 48 hours. 

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