The Shiny Gold Coin Grinder - (2") (50mm)

Who says there’s no pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow? If you’re into elegant bud accessories, the gold coin grinder is a must-have for your collection! This limited-stock 4-piece includes a grinding chamber, a storage compartment, and a kief catcher, allowing you to craft some of the finest joints in your smoking career. 

The 12 sharp metal teeth on the designated grinding area help ensure an exquisite texture from your grounded herb.

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The Gold Coin Grinder’s Bud Crushing Capabilities

When treating yourself with a new shiny accessory such as the gold coin grinder, you take advantage of:

Build-quality: The grinder is completely made of metal and coated with a layer of gold paint. The top compartment includes a strong magnet to ensure zero spillage during crushing your bud and hermetically seals your product to preserve it.

Endurance: You can expect the gold coin grinder to last you for years to come, given the sturdiness of the piece and how well each compartment connects with the adjacent.

Simplicity: The process of using this 4-piece is so simple that anyone can do it! Just place your herbs into the designated chamber, give it a few spins and find the ground bud below.

Get your exquisite gold coin grinder now and get to grinding!

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