Durable and Delicious: 19mm Quartz Banger for Enhanced Flavor

Sick of strong hits and undertones in your flavors? This 19mm male quartz banger will let you realize the full potential of your smoking essence. It is composed of 4mm thick glass with a transparent surface, so you may use it to distribute heat unevenly over your preferred essences for an amazing draw. Taste the actual flavors in your extracts each time you use it.

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Primary Characteristics

Durable Construction: Made from 4mm thick quartz glass, this bad boy is resistant to melting even under extreme heat. 

Non-Frosted Finish: The thick stainless exterior is less lined and frosted, allowing for greater dispersion and better flavor.

19mm Male Joint: Due to its standard size, it can be used with the majority of rigs and water pipes, making it an excellent addition to any smoker's gear.

Principal Benefits

Unmatched Flavor: The lack of frosting and the premium quartz glass enable efficiency in heat transfer, preventing taste contamination with each pull.

Consistent Performance: The stove's steel design ensures consistent heat distribution so that it will remain unaltered during sessions.

Effortless Integration: You can easily customize your smoking experiences by inserting the bubbler into different rigs and water pipes with a different 19mm male joint.

Invest in improving your smoking experience. With superior material and an aim to give you the most amazing smoking sensation, the 19 mm Quartz Banger is a guarantee and a must-have. Purchase it now and feel the difference.

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