Yocan’s Uni: The Future of Box Mod Technology

Box modes are very powerful vapes for oil consumption, while Yocan has elevated it to another level. What separates the new Yocan Uni from all the other box mods is an eye-catching new patented design, including an oil-level window. His other features make it the most functional vaporizer on the market:

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    1. USB Charging
    2. Three voltage levels
    3. 650 mAh battery capacity
    4. 510- threaded magnetic connection
    5. Adjustable chamber dimensions

    The Uni Box Mod offers exceptional value, it’s easy to use, and you’ll never have any problems with cartridge dimensions. Yocan has created a box mod that offers full customization of the chamber, adapting it to any cartridge on the market and adjusting it to any size, type, or length. 

    The secret is in the adjustable knobs and levers that allow alterations in the cartridge height, making it fit right. Now, you can continue your vaping sessions without any inconvenience. 

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