High Up in the Clouds: Silicone Container - Large Cloud

Being on cloud nine takes a whole new meaning with this gorgeous Large Cloud Silicone Container. Have you ever seen a cooler item?  With a size of about 5" x 3.5" and multiple safe storage features, this container is not just a looker. If it’s safe enough to store your food - it’s safe enough to store your weed.

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Why Is the Silicone Container - Large Cloud Awesome

6 Compartments: Just when you thought that the funny colors and cloud shape sold the product, the news got even better! Now you find out that you can easily separate your plant chunks into not two but six parts.

BPA-Free: The silicone used for this product is non-stick, BPA-free, withstands high temperatures, and is safe enough for food storage. You can use it multiple times, its cleaning is a piece of cake, and it has no peculiar smell that can sometimes happen with containers. You can easily put it in the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

Easy to Interlock With Other Alike Concentrate Containers: Here’s an idea: you can stock up on these colorful containers and make interlocking the lids easy-peasy.

Get your own Silicone Container - Large Cloud today and find out why the sky is the limit!

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