Benji - Hemp Wick (10ft): Your 100% Natural Match And Lighter Alternative

Tired of the matches and lighters that alternate the taste of your quality tobacco or hemp product? It's time to discover something new and innovative - a 10 ft roll made of hemp and beeswax to make the smoking experience 100% better. The Benji Hemp Wick is the answer.

The quality and organic materials make this wick a healthier and more sustainable option compared to matches and lighters. Also, the distinct aroma ensures a better and cleaner experience.

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Why Choose Organic Wicks?

With the Benji Hemp Wick roll, you're getting 24 rolls in one box – 10 ft each! It's a non-GMO product, but also vegan and organic, to extend the experience and provide clean burn. What do you get?

  • Natural and Eco-Friendly Product: Reduce the carbon footprint with this sustainable product.
  • Consistent Flame: Clean burning that enhances the herbs flavors, for healthier smoking.
  • Chemical Free: No harmful additives, only pure and natural smoke for the most enjoyable experience.
  • Don't Wait: Buy Your Benji - Hemp Wick Pack

Change the way you smoke forever. Ditch the smelly matches and traditional lighters. Try something new and innovative from the BDD Wholesale wick offer. Get ready for the best smoking experience, knowing that it's healthier and environment-friendly.

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