Elevate your smoking ritual with the Benji - Franklin Box

Transform your smoking ritual with the Benji - Franklin Box. With their distinctive $100 bill pattern and handcrafted superior organic paper construction, these cones provide a special fusion of practicality and refinement. Indulge in the ultimate luxury with each use.

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Main characteristics: 

10 Cones per Pack: Find a convenient and affordable way to equip yourself with premium cones and be ready to smoke whenever possible.

Matches Included: You don't always need to look for a lighter! Each pack contains 12 quality matches, ensuring a quick and easy experience.

Secure Packaging: The Benji-Franklin Box is made to keep your cones and matches safe so that they remain fresh and ready to be lit.

Additional benefits:

Impress your Friends: The Benji - Franklin Box's unique design, $100 print, and premium packaging make it a surefire conversation starter and a terrific way to impress your guests.

Perfect for Gifting: This is the ideal gift for smokers who value simplicity and quality.

Eco-Friendly: The cones were made using organic paper, a sign of the maker's dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Purchase the Benji - Franklin Box (10 Pack) today and pamper yourself with style and functionality.

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