Luxury at Your Fingertips: Benji $100 Bill Print Pre-Rolled Cones

Benji's $100 Bill Print Pre-Rolled Cones will transport you back to the golden age of luxury. Handmade from the best organic paper, each cone has an elegant glass holder within. Presented in separate tubes, this pack of 24 cones is the ideal way to elevate your smoking experience without sacrificing style. Discover the true joy of smoking as if it were your first time.

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Key Features:

Creative $100 Bills Design: Each cone has a distinct print of the $100 bill, making your smoking more elegant. Topnotch

Organic Paper: We have a detailed process for making our cones with the finest quality organic papers, which give out clean smoke with organic flavor.

Individual Glass Tubes: Every cone is kept inside a fashionable glass tube to maintain its freshness and ease of carrying.

Key Advantages:

Smoking is a luxury: The design looks great in general, so the smoking experience will always seem like an opulent affair.

A better taste and smell: These cones are made from top-quality organic paper, ensuring that the herb’s taste and scent are not altered in any way, offering more pleasure to the smoker.

They are convenient and fresh: Each cone is stored in a separate glass tube, which helps retain its freshness and usability, making it ideal for people who are always on the move.

Benji's pre-rolled cones with a $100 note print will completely change your smoking routine. Get your 24-piece package now and treat yourself to the height of luxury!

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