Benji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit: A Cornerstone of the Smoking Ritual

The Benji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit is made of bamboo and divided into two parts, one for storing your smoking paraphernalia, and the other for rolling. Painted in black, it’s the perfect apparatus that will help you not only roll your joint or cigarette but will help you organize your smoking materials.

This Bankroll kit contains a tube of Benji pre-rolled cones, Benji $100 print papers, a biodegradable two-piece grinder, and a scooper.

Highly practical, the Benji tray kit has slots for keeping your dab tool, lighter, pre-rolls, and Benji booklet.

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Why Should You Opt for the Benji-Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit?

Made of bamboo, our tray kit has an eco-friendly appeal making it highly sustainable and durable. In other words, it will maintain its beauty and functionality over time because it’s made from a material that doesn’t scratch easily.

  • Convenient Organization and Storage: Having all of your cannabis supplies neatly arranged in one place can enhance your rolling experience. No more wasting time searching all those papers and filters!
  • Clean Rolling Process: Our rolling tray provides a clean environment for all your rolling activities and at the same time avoids all the mess and fuss of rolling by preventing the crumbs from sliding off.
  • Ideal for Roll-On-The-Go: Our rolling tray is specially designed to make your smoking experience consistent, even if you’re traveling since it’s easy to fit it into your backpack or handbag.

Enhance Your Overall Smoking Experience With Our Benji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit!

A rolling tray is more than a simple device for rolling and storing material. It’s the perfect smoking companion that will catch your precious herb while rolling thus preventing it from finishing in the garbage. Plus, it can act as an area for storing your cannabis and organizing it, cleanly and neatly.

Explore BBD Wholesale’s store to find the perfect tray for you that will bring you the ultimate rolling experience.

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