Space King’s Alien Ape Diamond Silicone Bowl

If you ever wonder how your bowl could look better, be more functional, or be cooler, you are in the right place. Space King’s Alien Ape diamond silicone bowl is everything you’ll need from a bowl. The design of the bowl is the first thing that catches your eye. It is fantastic: the bowl is diamond-shaped with colorful alien-esque colors.

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    With the body of the bowl being coated by silicone, the protection is very strong, and it is very hard to have some damage. The silicone also protects your fingers from the heated glass underneath it.  

    The Space King Alien Ape Diamond Silicone Bowl comes in boxes of twelve, meaning you’ll have two bowls with six designs each. The size is flexible; it fits both 14 mm and 18 mm joints, so you won’t have any problems with incompatibilities.

    Space King has been a great innovator in the market, and they have done it again. Their Diamond Silicone Bowls are both eye-catching and highly functional. Do not miss out on them. 

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