Space King’s Alien Ape Glass Bowl

Add a new dimension to your bong with our colorful Space King Alien Ape Glass Bowls. The bowl is the most essential part of every bong, considering it is the place where the weed is lit up. When you have the right piece in place, you can light it up and relax without struggling.

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Space King’s Glass Bowls are very easy to clean. They are made of thick glass, meaning they are highly durable and will not be affected by high temperatures in the long term. The bowl has a 14-mm-diameter black base for easier holding.

The Space King Alien Ape Glass Bowls come in a box of twelve pieces. They come in three vibrant color variations with flamboyant, eye-catching designs from the intergalactic theme. While the manufacturer's suggested retail price is $9.99, you can have it for only $5 a bowl, which makes them incredible value for your money.

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