Never Lose A Crumb Of Bud With The Afghan Hemp Wooden Rolling Tray

Legend says that a smoker’s table is where thousands of joints and bowls have been lost and never found again. Rolling trays are nothing new for the seasoned toker. However, Afghan Hemp’s wooden rolling trays turn joint-rolling and bowl-packing into an elegant experience. Not only are they the perfect accessory, but their appearance is quite lavish, making them a wonderful centerpiece for your smoking setup. Order one now while they are still in stock and never spill a grain of bud again!

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What The Afghan Hemp Rolling Tray Offers

  1. Endurance: Say farewell to corroding metal trays! Afghan Hemp’s wooden rolling trays are made from the finest wood and sport a wonderful polished finish, making them usable for decades to come. 
  2. Cleanliness: By using the wooden rolling tray, you can reduce your herb crumb spillage to zero. This practical feature will not only keep your designated rolling area tidy but also save you some bud, making for a more economical smoking experience. 
  3. Variety: The Afghan hemp wooden rolling trays come in three different sizes, which can satisfy every stoner’s needs. The middle-sized option is our favorite, as it has an extra compartment for stashing your joints easily.

Stocks of Afghan Hemp wooden rolling trays are extremely limited, so make sure to purchase yours swiftly to avoid missing out on this high-quality product!

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