A Perfect Combo for Quick Hitters & Long Wrappers

Whether you’re a regular smoker or a beginner, our Afghan Hemp Starter Bundle is the perfect combo for any occasion. It contains two types of packages and a stylish and sturdy green metal rolling tray, ensuring everyone can enjoy a smooth smoking experience.

Briefly, the box of 1 1/4 booklets signifies shorter rolls, while the box of king-size booklets signifies slightly larger paper dimensions you can use to make longer wraps. Explore further to learn more about the product’s features and why it’s worth your money.

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Premium Quality & Other Benefits

Our bundle includes top-grade Afghan Hemp products that are natural and free from harmful additives, ensuring a clean and smooth smoking routine. Here are the primary reasons why you should have it in your collection:

Health Benefits: It’s a chemical-free product, a better alternative to traditional smoking products.

Amenity and Ease of Use: The package includes all necessary items, making it easy to start immediately without needing additional purchases.

Customizable Experience: Different package dimensions allow you to craft your wraps according to your preferences.

Enhances Flavour: With our bundle, you can experience the full, natural taste of herbs, which provides more satisfaction and pleasure compared to lower-quality alternatives.

Smoking Kit: This bundle comprises complete smoking equipment, including a damage-resistant metal rolling tray for long-lasting use.

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