Never Run Out Of The Afghan Hemp Metal Rolling Tray (Case of 36)

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Smokers may be chill and mellow, but when it comes to rolling the perfect J, they are meticulous. Not a single crumb of MJ can go to waste, and every roll of the paper must be perfect. The  Afghan Hemp metal rolling trays keep the precious herb in one place and provide a sturdy surface to build a fat joint. They may look simple, but that won’t stop them from flying off the shelves. So stock up and get a few cases of 36 trays because, as every smoking enthusiast knows, one is never enough.

Why Is The Afghan Hemp Metal Rolling Tray So Popular

Sometimes, all you want is a place to roll a joint in peace, no fuss, no muss. The basic shape of this rolling tray lets you do just that while still being:

  1. Practical The 11" x 7" is the perfect size to hold your herb and rolling paper simultaneously. Its flat rectangular shape also makes it easy to put away and store for when you need it next. 
  2. Eye-catching The vibrant lime green color makes rolling even more fun and helps the tray stand out. You’ll always be able to spot it, no matter where you put it last.
  3. Durable You can drop or kick this tray, but you will never break it.

Don't miss out on the stock every stoker is clamoring for. Secure your case of 36 Afghan Hemp’s metal rolling trays now, before they're all gone!


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