Always Have A Perfect J On Hand With Afghan Hemp - Cone Display (Two Sizes)

Smokers find nothing more satisfying than lighting up a perfectly rolled fat joint. Except maybe, making one in a matter of seconds. Afghan Hemp’s pre-rolled cones make blazing up easier than ever. Their roll is flawless and consistent, so each J gives a smooth smoking experience. You even have variety. For a quick smoke sesh, get the standard 1 1/4 size with six cones per pack. Or, if you want prolonged enjoyment, go for the king size with three cones per pack.

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How Do Afghan Hemp Cones Stand Out

Not every rolling paper is made the same. With Afghan Hemp, you are guaranteed to get:

  1. High-quality: The ultrathin rolling paper gives an even, slow, and gentle burn, providing a smooth smoking experience that lasts longer. With each cone, you can enjoy more smoke and less ash.
  2. Convenience: Afghan Hemp’s pre-rolled papers come in a cone-shaped package, perfect for storing and protecting your J’s. The cone display perfectly shows off the two available sizes.
  3. Organic:The Afghan Hemp rolling paper is made from organic hemp with no artificial colors or harmful additives. The only thing you’re smoking is pure MJ.

Afghan Hemp’s cone display is sure to catch the eye of every toke enthusiast, so make sure you stock up today!

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