Pack An Exquisite Bong Hit With The Domeless Quartz Bowl - Male (19mm)

Using fine pieces of glass makes smoking buds feel like you’re in a movie nowadays. You just happened to stumble upon the perfect one for yourself recently, but unfortunately, you lost the bowl. Why not buy a better one anyway? 

Introducing the 19 mm domeless quartz bowl, a fine work of art, carefully crafted to provide a touch of sophistication within your bong rips. Sustaining even red-hot, blazing temperatures, this limited-supply piece can make you huff smoke like a dragon! 

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The Advantages of A Quartz Bowl

  1. Sturdiness: Quartz is considered the strongest material for creating bowls and bangers. Given its structural integrity, even temperatures above a whopping 1,300°C aren’t enough to compromise it.
  2. Aesthetic: With the futuristic, curvy shapes on the bowl, as well as the lack of a dome, you will look like a true gentleman taking a rip from your favorite bong. 
  3. Functionality: The domeless quartz bowl provides just the right amount of airflow into your glass piece, creating the perfect vacuum. Inhaling residues will also be a thing of the past. 

Treat yourself with a must-have accessory like the domeless quartz bowl and fill up your chest with ease. Supply is running short, so grab yours quickly!

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