The Finest Female Ceramic Nail (18mm)

Oh no, you bought your new favorite glass rig just a few months ago and accidentally broke the bowl! If you have a male piece, the domeless, female ceramic nail is not just a replacement, it’s an upgrade. The 18 mm nail is only compatible with male rigs and will modify your rips and help you exhale clouds as big as your entire room! 

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The Benefits of Using A Ceramic Nail

Ceramic is the go-to material for any experienced smoker who frequently packs a bowl. Using a ceramic nail offers various advantages, including:

  1. Durability: Ceramics is quite sturdy compared to other materials. Purchasing this alternative means that you won’t ever have to worry about a broken bowl again. 
  2. Heat Resistance: The ceramic nail will withstand blazing hot temperatures from any butane torch or heat source, making it a superior option compared to glass. 
  3. Aspect ratio: Considering that no dome is attached to the nail, as well as its linear design, you can carry it around in your pocket without any difficulties or visible bulges. 

Purchase your female ceramic nail quickly and start blazing, as supplies of this product are limited.


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