A Special Selection of Diamond Shruumz: Microdosing With a Pretty Taste

You've heard a lot about microdosing but are still trying to figure out how to try it. Sweets like chocolate bars, ice cream cones, and eventually gummies are the best way to feel the effects and avoid the weird taste the mushrooms may have. It's time to discover the Diamond Shruumz - delicious sweets full of primo extract and natural flavors. 

It's time to choose your favorite way, take a bite, and experience the relaxing feeling the tripping causes. Whether at a party or just chillin' at home, Diamond Shruumz snacks will boost your energy and make you euphoric.


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 How to Choose the Right Diamond Shruumz Product?

The choice depends on your favorite snack. From gummies to chocolates and cones, find your best way to microdose and choose your favorite taste. 

  • Gummies - The most popular way to microdose. Diamond Shruumz gummies are one of the best ways to consume mushrooms and immediately feel relaxed.

  • Chocolate Bars - Diamond Shruumz chocolates offer a special feeling of euphoria and tripping without feeling bad after the experience.

  • Cones - The best part of the ice cream in a cone but with a special twist. Just one or two are enough to experience the effect.

A Variety of Tastes

No matter what snack you've chosen, you can enjoy so many beautiful tastes, making the microdosing and tripping delicious. Here are some of the available varieties:

  • Fruity Cereal - A chocolate bar with the taste of your favorite breakfast

  • Strawberry Cheesecake - Choose these cones if you love how the fruity cheesecake tastes

  • Cookie Butter - An excellent way to trip with a taste of biscuits

  • Mint Chocolate Chip - A refreshing feeling while consuming with a cooling aftertaste

  • Dark Chocolate - Even microdosing can be as elegant as the dark chocolate is

What Makes These Snacks Special?

Diamond Shruumz will make you feel energetic, boost your creativity, and enjoy the effects without the weird taste of the actual mushroom. With natural flavors and carefully chosen ingredients, these sweets are the most subtle way to consume, and you still don't feel guilty about it. 

Combining quality ingredients and potent substances makes Diamond Shruums consumers' favorites. And the best thing is to use them in summer for a refreshing feeling. 

How to Use Diamond Shruumz Products?

Choose your favorite product according to your taste and preferences. Stick to chocolate bars if you prefer chocolate over gummies in general. Select one of the beautiful tastes and experience the unusual combination of mushrooms and sweets. It's like your everyday dessert with a unique twist that makes you feel relaxed and happy after eating.

Balance is very important! Don't eat too many chocolates, gummies, or cones. While the mushroom dose is balanced, it's essential to start with a bite or two (or just one gummy or one cone) to see if you like the effects. Increase the intake as you're getting used to the taste and effects. Listen to your body, and never take more than you can handle. 

Excited to Try Diamond Shruumz?

BDD Wholesale offers an excellent selection of Diamond Shruumz's most popular products. You can choose a whole package of the most popular gummies or buy separate bars or cone packages.

Enjoy the unique combination of tastes and doses. Gummies have the highest concentration of active substances, while chocolates and cones are more balanced. The experience is always euphoric and unique, no matter what product you prefer.