Our Pre-Roll Cigarette Cases: The Must-Have Essentials For Herb Enthusiasts

Face it, your cannabis becoming unusable is the least desirable scenario ever imaginable. This leads us to the question: how do you make your joint pre-rolls last? Well, it's time to explore our collection of joint cases. We're introducing you to the ultimate place to protect and preserve your carefully done pre-rolls. Get yourself immersed in this fusion of usefulness and aesthetics in one transformative product.


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JPAQ Pre-roll CaseJPAQ Pre-roll Case
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Key Features of Our Accessory

  • Gasket Sealed: This gasket-sealed product and its compressible packaging offer an extra layer of discretion and protection. They ensure that everything around you remains fresh and odor-free. 

  • Separate Roach Coach™ Compartment:  No one wants unsmoked prerolls to be wiped in the smell of your partially smoked joints. Our compartment is the solution - the ultimate dark and cool place for storing your pre-rolls and keeping them fresh. 

  • 5 King Size Pre-rolls (110mm): Frequent tokers have found their favorite feature. By getting this smoking accessory, you can fit five king-size pre-rolls for that priceless unwinding time. This marvel can practically hold joints and cigarettes in all sizes.

  • Clever Material Selection: This product is made from the finest materials available on the market. The impressive polypropylene blend is the secret behind its sheer durability.

  • Compact Dimensions: This pre-roll case is 5'’ high, 2’’5 wide, and .05’’ deep, making it ideal for daily use. 

What You Get From Our Pre-roll Cases

  • You Avoid Wastage: For all true herb enthusiasts, seeing their joints, cigarettes, and blunts destroyed is a rather painful sight. For this particular reason, our pre-roll case is water-resistant and crush-proof. It perfectly protects your herbs in case of unexpected slips and crushes. 

  • Safe For Children: This case is ATSM child-certified. That being said, you needn't have to question its quality. After all, it has completed rigorous testing to fulfill the criteria. Guarding the well-being of children is a big priority here. 

  • Unmistakable Practicality: This product is small-sized and lightweight. These features make it easy to store and take on your travel trips a feasible option. With its convenient sections, you don't waste on those half-finished joints again.

  • Stylish Design: Apart from being highly functional, this product never fails to deliver aesthetics. Our pre-roll case is sleek, elegant, and timeless. It comes in two color options: black or white, and we cannot decide which one looks better.

  • Discreet Packing: Do you want to keep your herb consumption habits for yourself? The look of this case is discrete and minimalist. Thus, no one will ever know what's inside it.

  • Quick Service: We are renewed for our fast turnaround time. You'll receive the product within 48 hours of purchasing it.

Order Our JPAQ Pre-roll Case Today

At BDD Wholesale, storing and protecting your herbs is made easy. It can't be the opposite because our JPAQ Pre-roll Case ensures every roll is neatly put in its place and there to stay.

Make the most of this limited-stock offer by getting your own JPAQ Pre-roll Case now and level up your smoking game!