Complete Your Blaze Up Stash With BDD Wholesale’s Bestsellers

Have you ever looked forward to enjoying a good buzz, only to realize you don't have the right gear to blaze up? That won’t be a problem any longer with BDD Wholesale's top-selling 420 tools and accessories. Whether you prefer an old-school lick-and-roll or a more high-tech dabbing setup, we have all the essentials.

Don’t miss out on the chance to add exclusive smoking paraphernalia to your collection and have some high fun anytime.


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Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps (8 flavors)Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps (8 flavors)
Sale priceFrom $ 5.00 Regular price$ 9.99
Teeter Totter Scales: Accuracy and Durability at its BestTeeter Totter Scales: Accuracy and Durability at its Best
Save 20%
Space King - Glass Nectar Collector KitSpace King - Glass Nectar Collector Kit
Sale price$ 7.99 Regular price$ 9.99
Box Mod For The Future: Yocan’s Uni ProBox Mod For The Future: Yocan’s Uni Pro
Sold out
New Vaping Experience: Yocan’s B-Smart Slim Twist Battery
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Puffco Budsy Bottle BongPuffco Budsy Bottle Bong
Sale price$ 34.99
Puffco -  Peak Pro Smart RigPuffco -  Peak Pro Smart Rig
Sale price$ 265.00
The Proxy by PuffcoThe Proxy by Puffco
Sale price$ 200.00
Puffco - The Guardian Peak ProPuffco - The Guardian Peak Pro
Sale price$ 400.00
Puffco Proxy BUBPuffco Proxy BUB
Sale price$ 75.00
Puffco Proxy BUB DesertPuffco Proxy BUB Desert
Sale price$ 75.00
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Yocan Black Heat Vision Thermometer Carb Cap
Sale price$ 25.00
Yocan Black Case Cartridge BatteryYocan Black Case Cartridge Battery
Sale price$ 13.00
Yocan Black Cloud 2 Concentrate ChamberYocan Black Cloud 2 Concentrate Chamber
Sale price$ 12.00
The Proxy by Puffco - FlourishThe Proxy by Puffco - Flourish
Sale price$ 210.00

What Gear Can You Expect

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hash veteran or a newbie toker, we will help you get the full experience from start to finish. Our collection of best-sellers includes:

  • Rolling Papers: High-quality rolling paper is one item no passionate pot smoker should be without. Stock up on several flavors of the best organic blunt wraps made from natural hemp. We only carry the best, so you’ll have a smooth blunt each time you light up. 

  • Scales: Rolling the perfect J is an exact science. With our ultra-precise scales, you will always use the right amount of herb down to the last gram. They come in various sizes and styles for use at home or on the go. The scales are made from high-quality materials and built for durability.

  • Nectar Collectors: These portable rigs have everything you need to dab on the move. They are compact, easy to use, and a breeze to clean. You even get a convenient glass dish to store your hash wax. The nectar collector kits are hot ticket items, so don’t be left without yours.

  • Vapes: You won’t find an easier way to smoke some J than a handy dandy vape. Fit it in your pocket or wear it proudly around your neck with a lanyard for easy access. Our bestselling vapes are universally compatible so that you can enjoy your favorite oil cartridges without issue.

  • Vape Batteries: What good is a vape without a full charge? Keep one of these slim batteries in the car, living room, bedside stand, or anywhere else you like to take a hit from your vape.

  • Inconspicuous Bongs: Bongs can be intricate works of art. They can also look like everyday items, such as a simple water bottle. Like Optimus Prime, this unassuming item transforms into a full bong set-up with a ceramic bowl and a mouthpiece. Only the real ones will know what you’re up to, while the rest will think you’re into hydration.

  • Pipes: Our selection of borosilicate pipes will add a touch of elegance to your fade. Choose from a simple, ergonomic design, or have some fun with the bubbler add-on. Either way, satisfaction and quality are guaranteed, no matter the model.

  • Dab Rigs: Take your toke into the digital dimension with our smart dab rigs. Experience concentrates like never before, and customize each aspect of your hit. Blaze up in style with these high-tech and elegant rigs.

Let BDD Wholesale Help You Expand Your Collection

These items are bestsellers for a reason. We only sell the best quality and best-looking smoking gear, so we’re always racing to keep up with demand. Stock your stash with high-end equipment at amazingly affordable prices for an out-of-world experience every time you light up.