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BDD Wholesale aims to become your favorite playground, where every cannabis lover finds fun and happiness. Whether you are the ganja guru or just dipping your toes and trying out stuff, our 420 Essentials collection is shining with everything you need to jazz up your experience.

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CAMO self-rolling wraps (16 Flavors)CAMO self-rolling wraps (16 Flavors)
Sale priceFrom $ 15.99 Regular price$ 175.99
Benji - Rolling Paper Booklets (Box of 24)Benji - Rolling Paper Booklets (Box of 24)
GRAV Classic SpoonGRAV Classic Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Save 15%
Experience Hash Easily with Peak Smart E-rig by PuffcoExperience Hash Easily with Peak Smart E-rig by Puffco
Sale price$ 115.00 Regular price$ 135.00
Sold out
GRAV Sandblasted SpoonGRAV Sandblasted Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Sold out
Roll With The Best Afghan Hemp - Multipack Cone Box (Full Case)Roll With The Best Afghan Hemp - Multipack Cone Box (Full Case)
Save 17%
Benji - GRIND - Aluminum Grinder + BookletBenji - GRIND - Aluminum Grinder + Booklet
Sale price$ 9.99 Regular price$ 11.99
GRAV Pebble SpoonGRAV Pebble Spoon
Sale price$ 9.00
Afghan Hemp Rolling Machine to Get Blazed Immediately
Sold out
KLEAN Glass - Mini BongKLEAN Glass - Mini Bong
Sale price$ 39.99
Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)
KLEAN Glass - RigKLEAN Glass - Rig
Sale price$ 39.99
KLEAN Glass - BeakerKLEAN Glass - Beaker
Sale price$ 49.99
KLEAN Glass - SpoonKLEAN Glass - Spoon
Sale price$ 11.99
KLEAN Glass - BubblerKLEAN Glass - Bubbler
Sale price$ 19.99
Shredder -  Aluminum Side Window (2")(50mm)Shredder -  Aluminum Side Window (2")(50mm)
Save 20%
Benji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray KitBenji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit
Sale price$ 19.99 Regular price$ 24.99
KLEAN Glass - TasterKLEAN Glass - Taster
Sale price$ 6.99
Puffco -  Peak Pro Smart RigPuffco -  Peak Pro Smart Rig
Sale price$ 265.00
Shredder -  Side Stash Opening (2.5")(63mm)Shredder -  Side Stash Opening (2.5")(63mm)
Sold out
Benji - Franklin Box (10 pack)Benji - Franklin Box (10 pack)
Sale price$ 38.99 Regular price$ 43.99
Save 14%
Benji - Glass Filter Tips (Display of 10)Benji - Glass Filter Tips (Display of 10)
Sale price$ 30.00 Regular price$ 35.00
Shredder - Grinding Gears (2")(50mm)Shredder - Grinding Gears (2")(50mm)
The Proxy by PuffcoThe Proxy by Puffco
Sale price$ 200.00
Yocan CubeX VaporizerYocan CubeX Vaporizer
Sale price$ 19.99
Sold out
Yocan FLAT Mini Vaporizer Battery (Display of 20)Yocan FLAT Mini Vaporizer Battery (Display of 20)
Afghan Hemp -  Starter Bundle
Sale price$ 19.99
Save 15%
Benji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray KitBenji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit
Sale price$ 16.99 Regular price$ 19.99
Shredder - Window Grind (2")(50mm)Shredder - Window Grind (2")(50mm)
GRAV Wedge BubblerGRAV Wedge Bubbler
Sale priceFrom $ 35.00
Puffco Proxy Travel PipePuffco Proxy Travel Pipe
Sale price$ 35.00
Puffco Proxy Travel PackPuffco Proxy Travel Pack
Sale price$ 30.00
Teeter Totter scale - MBATeeter Totter scale - MBA
Sale priceFrom $ 8.00
Puffco -  Plus ChamberPuffco -  Plus Chamber
Sale priceFrom $ 12.99
Puffco - The Guardian Peak ProPuffco - The Guardian Peak Pro
Sale price$ 400.00
Puffco Proxy WIZARDPuffco Proxy WIZARD
Sale price$ 81.00
The Guardian Puffco Peak Pro Power DockThe Guardian Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock
Sale price$ 79.99
Puffco Proxy BUBPuffco Proxy BUB
Sale price$ 75.00
Puffco Proxy WIZARD DesertPuffco Proxy WIZARD Desert
Sale price$ 81.00
Puffco Peak Pro Power DockPuffco Peak Pro Power Dock
Sale price$ 79.99
Puffco Proxy BUB DesertPuffco Proxy BUB Desert
Sale price$ 75.00
Sold out
GRAV Upline Upright Bubbler
Sale price$ 85.00
The Proxy by Puffco - FlourishThe Proxy by Puffco - Flourish
Sale price$ 210.00

Why Our 420 Essentials Rock?

  • Mixed Gear - Starting from hefty grinders to stylish rolling trays and eye-catching bongs, our lineup is like the Swiss Army knife for your green needs - versatile and essential.

  • Great Quality - These babies are designed to last through countless sessions and built tough (because we know things can get a bit, um, hazy).

  • Wallet-Friendly - Get a luxurious life without a luxurious price. We are presenting premium quality that will keep you from breaking the bank.

Putting Spotlight on Some Killer Kit

  • Heavy Duty Grinders - Imagine the smoothest grind every time. Imagine our grinders tackling the toughest buds like a hot knife through butter. They make your preparations quick and easy.

  • Glass Smoking Pieces - Each piece is a masterpiece, ready to deliver a clean, smooth hit. Plus, they are pretty enough to be a conversation starter.

  • Storage - Keep your stash clean and fresh with our smell-proof, airtight containers. Nothing kills the vibe like a dried herb does.

  • Rolling Papers and Accessories - Our selection will make you appear like a pro, even if you are a rookie.

Why BDD Wholesale Should Be Your Stop for 420 Essentials?

Custom Hits

Whether you love a quick clean session or enjoy making a ritual out of it, we cater to all your cannabis needs. Personalize your puffing experience with BDD’s 420 essentials.

The Best Quality Ever

We are serious when we talk about quality. Each product is selected by experts who know how to do their job when it comes to good gear. We stand by every piece we sell because we use them, too.

Customer Support

Questions? Tips? Existential crisis? Our customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. They are ready to help you make the best choice or just chat if you are in the mood.

Get Your Essentials Without Hesitation!

Grab the goods that will turn your sessions from meh to yeah. Remember, our most demanded items disappear faster than snacks. Here is why you should not hesitate:

  • Exclusive Offers - Keep an eye on our deals because we like making our enthusiastic customers happy with offers that are too good to pass up.

  • Lasting Investments - Our gear is built to last, it is reliable, sturdy, and always in style.

Ready to Roll Higher?

Browse our 420 Essentials now at BDD Wholesale and take your cannabis experience on a limitless journey. Trust us, your future self will thank you, and so will your friends. Heck, even your mom might be impressed.