The Best 4-Piece Grinders for Your Herbs

If you are a herb enthusiast ready to transform herb handling, we present the 4-piece grinder limited collection. These are next-level takers, designed specifically to simplify preparation yet deliver amazing results. If you want to link effortless grinding with a stylish touch, this is the choice for your routine grinding task to become a remarkable experience.


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Shredder - Rainbow (1.5")(40mm)Shredder - Rainbow (1.5")(40mm)
Sale price$ 5.99
Save 17%
Benji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit: A Cornerstone of the Smoking RitualBenji - Bankroll Bamboo Tray Kit: A Cornerstone of the Smoking Ritual
Shredder - Enchanted Drum (2")(50mm)Shredder - Enchanted Drum (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Rose Curvy (2")(50mm)Shredder - Rose Curvy (2")(50mm)
Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)Shredder -  Wheel Bearing (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Solid Bling (2")(50mm)Shredder - Solid Bling (2")(50mm)
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Shredder - Cone Top (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Cone Top (2.2")(55mm)
Shredder - Lightning (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Lightning (2.5")(63mm)
The Shiny Gold Coin Grinder - (2") (50mm)The Shiny Gold Coin Grinder - (2") (50mm)
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Shredder - Rainbow (2")(55mm)Shredder - Rainbow (2")(55mm)
Shredder - Side Window (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Side Window (2.5")(63mm)
Bright Matte Finish Grinder 2.0" (50mm)Bright Matte Finish Grinder 2.0" (50mm)
Shredder - Drum (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Drum (2.2")(55mm)
Sale price$ 12.99
Shredder -  Aluminum Side Window (2")(50mm)Shredder -  Aluminum Side Window (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Rainbow (2")(50mm)Shredder - Rainbow (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Titanium Finish Side Window (1.5")(40mm)Shredder - Titanium Finish Side Window (1.5")(40mm)
Novelty Grinder - Rubik Leaf (2")Novelty Grinder - Rubik Leaf (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Gear Side Gate (2")(50mm)Shredder - Gear Side Gate (2")(50mm)
Glitter Top Grinder 2.5" (63mm)Glitter Top Grinder 2.5" (63mm)
Shredder - Fancy Rims (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Fancy Rims (2.5")(63mm)
Benji XL Ashtray Grinder (4")Benji XL Ashtray Grinder (4")
Sale price$ 21.99
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Novelty Grinder - Rubik Ricky (2")Novelty Grinder - Rubik Ricky (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Novelty Grinder - Skull Patterns (2")Novelty Grinder - Skull Patterns (2")
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Shredder - Drum Shape (2.2")(55mm)Shredder - Drum Shape (2.2")(55mm)
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Set the Bar High With the New Sharper Funnel Cone Grinder - (1.5")(40mm)Set the Bar High With the New Sharper Funnel Cone Grinder - (1.5")(40mm)
Shredder -  Side Stash Opening (2.5")(63mm)Shredder -  Side Stash Opening (2.5")(63mm)
Shredder - Plain Rims (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Plain Rims (2.5")(63mm)
Novelty Grinder - Smiley Face (2")Novelty Grinder - Smiley Face (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Ridged Rim Side Window (2")(50mm)Shredder - Ridged Rim Side Window (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Ridged Tiers (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Ridged Tiers (2.5")(63mm)
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Novelty Grinder - Rasta Leaf (2")Novelty Grinder - Rasta Leaf (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Side Open (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Side Open (2.5")(63mm)
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Novelty Grinder - White Leaf (2")Novelty Grinder - White Leaf (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Grinding Gears (2")(50mm)Shredder - Grinding Gears (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Stealth Window (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Stealth Window (2.5")(63mm)
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Novelty Grinder - Leaves (2")Novelty Grinder - Leaves (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Fancy Drum (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Fancy Drum (2.5")(63mm)
Shredder - Titanium Finish Bolt (2")(50mm)Shredder - Titanium Finish Bolt (2")(50mm)
Shredder - Mirror Lid Clear Stash (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Mirror Lid Clear Stash (2.5")(63mm)
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Shredder - Top & Side Window (2")(50mm)Shredder - Top & Side Window (2")(50mm)
Novelty Grinder - Skull (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Novelty Grinder - Casino (2")Novelty Grinder - Casino (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Shredder - Window Drawer (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Window Drawer (2.5")(63mm)
Space King Clear Shell GrinderSpace King Clear Shell Grinder
Sale price$ 60.00
Shredder - Ridged Rim (2.5")(63mm)Shredder - Ridged Rim (2.5")(63mm)
Shredder - Window Grind (2")(50mm)Shredder - Window Grind (2")(50mm)
Novelty Grinder - Bling Lid (2")Novelty Grinder - Bling Lid (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Novelty Grinder - Bullet Chamber (2")Novelty Grinder - Bullet Chamber (2")
Novelty Grinder - Rubik Skull (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 3.99
Novelty Plastic Grinder (2")Novelty Plastic Grinder (2")
Sale priceFrom $ 2.99

Why You’ll Love Our 4-Piece Grinders

  • Solid Construction: Forget the fragile ones, our grinders use tough stuff. We know you want gear matching your lifestyle, so they are here and ready to last.

  • Strength and Quality: Teeth crunching herbs to fine powder, saving every bit in the kief catcher. No waste, only maximum goodness.

  • Smooth Grinding: Say goodbye to sticky drawers and welcome smooth twists. Grinding has never felt this easy.

A Few More Awesome Features:

  • High-quality and robust construction shredder premium grinder.

  • Compact and discreet but spacious enough for bigger portions.

  • Delicate mesh screen made for collecting kief.

  • Extra easy for maintenance and cleaning.

Why Choose a 4-Piece Grinder?

Here’s the deal: The 4-piece grinder with kief catcher is quite handy. A 4-piece grinder is a tool you purchase for whichever place you use it, but before all that, it is purchased to be your closest companion.

  • Improved Flavors: The less grounded spices produce more space allowing tastes and aromas that can’t be dealt with by less capable grinders.

  • Easy Adaptability: Whether you are making a delicious dinner, fermenting a cup of calming tea, or preparing your favorite vaporizer – the shredder grinder has it all covered.

  • No Fuss Maintenance: Our grinders are not difficult to clean, which allows you more time to enjoy and they are easily detachable.

Limited Offer - Get Your 4-Piece Grinder Today!

Seeing grinders as an accessory is mainstream. We like to call it an investment in improving your way of grinding. Believe us, a lot of people are investing, the demand is high! Take this chance and purchase your top-notch 4-piece grinder today and release the aroma from your favorite herbs.

What’s in It for You?

Once you have your hands on one of the 4-piece grinders, you will understand why, but let us sum it up:

  • Great Quality: No surprises - just producing perfect, fluffy herbs every time you grind. 

  • Herbships: When you buy from us, you join a community of people who love their herbs. Allow yourself to build some Herbships and learn some tips, recipes, and more.

4-Piece Grinders For the Effortless Experience

We think you already know the real deal - the 4-piece shredder herb grinder. This is a limited offer, click the ‘Purchase’ button, and bring this tool into your life. Your herbs and your taste buds will thank you.