The Phenomenal Puff Puff Pass It UV gray moodmats

Do you need a soft surface to protect your glassware and not have to worry about sticky or oily materials damaging your furniture? The Puff Puff Pass It UV moodmat is the one for you. Made of recycled neoprene, the 11” x 7.5” not only looks amazing but also has multiple functions for your dab storage.

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It is soft, meaning you don’t have to worry about your rig landing too hard or scratching the wooden surface underneath it. The fact that it is made of non-sticky materials makes the Puff Puff Pass It mat easy to clean and ideal for home use. The classic gray and white screen-print design is simply beautiful. It will be noticed immediately, especially when the room is dark.

The BDD Wholesale website has three other Puff Puff Pass it UV moodmat designs. If you need them or any other fancy smoking tools, devices, or accessories, you can find them here, and you will be stunned by our offer. Show off your styling by ordering your favorites now, and they will be shipped to you in the next two days.

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