Choose the Best of the Best: Discover the Staff Picks Pipes

Are you overwhelmed by all the pipes and related products BDD Wholesale offers? Are you struggling to choose the right pipe even if you're a true smoking enthusiast? Don't worry because our staff is here to help you pick the finest pipes available on our website. 

Choosing the right pipe is not just about the looks but also functionality. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pipe smoker, the featured products in this category can enhance your experience to new heights.


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Space King - Banger Set (21 styles)Space King - Banger Set (21 styles)
Teeter Totter scalesTeeter Totter scales
Sale priceFrom $ 7.00
Save 13%
Space King Silicone Spoon Pipe (Box of 12)Space King Silicone Spoon Pipe (Box of 12)
Sale price$ 42.00 Regular price$ 48.00
Save 8%
Space Out Lighter - Ray Gun Torch (Random Color)Space Out Lighter - Ray Gun Torch (Random Color)
Sale price$ 22.00 Regular price$ 23.99
Afghan Hemp Rose Petal Blunt Wraps
Lookah Seahorse 2.0 Nectar Collector KitLookah Seahorse 2.0 Nectar Collector Kit
Sold out
Space King Glass - 'Space Invasion' UFO BongSpace King Glass - 'Space Invasion' UFO Bong
Sold out
Space Out Lighter - Lightyear TorchSpace Out Lighter - Lightyear Torch
Sold out
KLEAN Glass - Mini BongKLEAN Glass - Mini Bong
Sale price$ 39.99
KLEAN Glass - BeakerKLEAN Glass - Beaker
Sale price$ 49.99
KLEAN Glass - SpoonKLEAN Glass - Spoon
Sale price$ 11.99
Space King Glass - 'Space Glacier' Freezable BongSpace King Glass - 'Space Glacier' Freezable Bong
Space King Glass - 'Space Pyramid' Mini RigSpace King Glass - 'Space Pyramid' Mini Rig
Space King Glass - 'Space Vortex' Recycler BongSpace King Glass - 'Space Vortex' Recycler Bong
Save 42%
Benji - Tray Kit - Original
Sale price$ 3.50 Regular price$ 6.00
Space King Milky Way Downstems (3 sizes / 9 pcs)Space King Milky Way Downstems (3 sizes / 9 pcs)
Space King Glass - 'Space Egg' Mini RigSpace King Glass - 'Space Egg' Mini Rig
Marble Art Water Pipe (6")
Sale price$ 21.99
Save 40%
Benji - Shatter-Resistant Glass Tray Kit - King Franklin
Sale price$ 3.00 Regular price$ 5.00
Afghan Hemp Flavored Cones (6 Flavors)Afghan Hemp Flavored Cones (6 Flavors)
Sale price$ 24.99
CAMO self-rolling wraps (Case of 50)CAMO self-rolling wraps (Case of 50)
Yocan CubeX VaporizerYocan CubeX Vaporizer
Sale price$ 19.99
Sold out
Yocan FLAT Mini Vaporizer Battery (Display of 20)Yocan FLAT Mini Vaporizer Battery (Display of 20)
Afghan Hemp -  Starter Bundle
Sale price$ 19.99
Save 15%
Benji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray KitBenji - Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit
Sale price$ 16.99 Regular price$ 19.99
Teeter Totter scale - FXTeeter Totter scale - FX
Sale priceFrom $ 7.00
Lookah Load 510 Vape Battery (Display of 25)
Teeter Totter scale - MBATeeter Totter scale - MBA
Sale priceFrom $ 8.00

Why Consider Staff Picks?

At BDD Wholesale, we know that sometimes, the huge offer and even bigger choice can be confusing. Not everyone has time to browse endlessly, so we compiled a special offer to help everyone in a hurry make the right choice. What do you get?

  • Our Expertise - Our staff is well-trained to evaluate and recommend specific products. Some of them are also pipe and smoking enthusiasts, making them eligible to recommend specific products. 

  • Extensive Knowledge - BDD Wholesale's employees understand how factors like materials, design, and craftsmanship affect the smoking experience. You can be confident that the staff picks are indeed the best of the best.

  • Diverse Offer - Considering everyone is different, the staff picks offer consists of glass bubblers, shiny water pipes, wavy hand pipes, and many more!

  • Value for Money - We understand not everyone wants to spend a lot on a pipe. So, our offer combines both affordable and premium pipes, making it convenient for anyone to choose what fits their preferences. 

  • Confidence in Your Choice - Knowing that you're investing in a smoking experience, you can be sure your pipe is not just a beautiful piece. By choosing BDD staff pick pipes, you can be confident you're getting a great deal.

Let our staff pick for you. Explore the collection below and find your perfect pipe!

The Art of Pipe Smoking

As you explore our staff picks list, it's time to introduce you further to the world of pipes. That way, we stay passionate about offering not only actual pipes but also an enjoyable smoking experience for everyone!

Our recommendation list of products comes with a guide on choosing the right pipe, too. Follow these tips:

  • Choose the aesthetics that fit your personality

  • Invest in an advanced pipe if you're a passionate smoker

  • Beginners should stick to simpler pipes to easily maintain them

  • Consider the tobacco selection and match it with the pipe

  • Take care of your pipe with a special cleaning kit

These tips, together with our staff's product picks, ensure a great smoking experience, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned smoker who wants to try something new.

Choose BDD Wholesale Pipes - Staff Picks

Embrace the recommendations of our knowledgeable and trained staff. Hurry up because some products are already sold out, and the stock is getting lower hour by hour. Don't miss out on the lowered prices and special offers to get the most out of the staff pick recommendations.