Smoking Enthusiasts Cannot Remain Indifferent to Our Glass Pipes

Are you looking for clean smoke from an effective yet aesthetic pipe with colorful details? Do you need cool smoking hardware that will express your style? The BDD Wholesale glass pipes are a must-have for you.

If rolling a joint takes too long, our glass pipes are ideal. Made of non-heating glass, with a simple mechanism and flamboyant design, they are the thing for you. Just light one up and indulge in the relaxing feeling the flower brings to you.


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Cat's Claw Glass PipeCat's Claw Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 4.99
Female Body Glass PipeFemale Body Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 6.99
Cactus Pot Glass PipeCactus Pot Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 9.99
Glycerin Gummies Capsule PipeGlycerin Gummies Capsule Pipe
Sale price$ 7.99
Honeycomb Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 9.99
Poached Egg Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 4.99
Ice Cream Cone Glass PipeIce Cream Cone Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 7.99
Mushroom Pine Tree Glass PipeMushroom Pine Tree Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 10.99
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Colorful Frog Glass PipeColorful Frog Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 8.50
Colorful Bees & Ladybug Glass PipeColorful Bees & Ladybug Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 8.50
Colorful Octopus Glass PipeColorful Octopus Glass Pipe
Sale price$ 8.50
Animal Glass HandpipeAnimal Glass Handpipe
Sale price$ 6.75
Clay Spaceman HandpipeClay Spaceman Handpipe
Sale price$ 7.99
Clay Honeycomb HandpipeClay Honeycomb Handpipe
Sale price$ 7.99
Clay Monster Teeth HandpipeClay Monster Teeth Handpipe
Sale price$ 7.99
Clay Ladybug Mushroom Crystals HandpipeClay Ladybug Mushroom Crystals Handpipe
Sale price$ 7.99

 The Basics of a Smoking Pipe

A pipe is a simple device, usually consisting of three or four parts:

  • Bowl. The bowl is the place where you load and light the cannabis. Based on the consumers' preferences, they come in different sizes and shapes.

  • Chamber. The chamber is the piece that brings the smoke from the bowl to the mouthpiece.

  • Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is where the consumer inhales the smoke from the pipe.

  • Carb. A carb is not necessary for a pipe to work, but it helps the airflow when it is present. The carb is usually by the side of the bowl.

Loading and consuming weed from the wholesale glass pipe is fast and easy. First, you grind the weed with your hands or using a grinder and remove anything apart from the leaf. Then, pack the bowl, not too tight, if you want the fire to build up quickly. When you light it, inhale from the mouthpiece and close the carb if your pipe has one. 

Comparison of Smoking Pipes and Joints

There are a few key differences between smoking pipes and joints. We are going to explain them all:

  • Pipes offer more direct smoke inhalation and less THC loss. This is the case due to a smaller chamber that helps the smoke travel more efficiently, rather than the burning paper of the joints that waste a lot of the euphoric component in weed called THC. 

  • According to consumers with refined taste, pipe materials make the terpenes of the cannabis feel less.

  • Pipes are easier to use, although you have to clean them afterwards. While it usually takes the same time for experienced smoking experts to roll a blunt as it takes to pack the pipe, pipes are easier to use because the packing is less technical. 

  • Pipes are more suited to individual smoking, while joints are for groups. It is rare to see groups use a pipe together due to the size of the bowl and hygienic reasons.

Dive Into Our Pipe Collection

BDD offers wholesale glass pipe bundles that include more than 15 different unique-themed pipes from our FC premium vendor. They design and create pipes unlike any others you have seen before. We offer you many sizes, anywhere from around 3.75 to 7 inches. We also have a variety of hand-made glass pipes wholesale that will cost you reasonable prices. Check out our collection to choose your favorite, be cool, and have a smoke wherever you are.

BDD Wholesale is Your Ideal Pipe Distributor

BDD Wholesale is one of the best glass pipe wholesale distributors in the USA. It does not matter if you are a beginner who has difficulties rolling a blunt or an experienced smoking enthusiast. We provide a collection of extraordinarily colorful pipes hand-made to take your smoking experiences to a different level. Choose your pipe now and show off your style!