What are the Best Grinders for Weed

What are the Best Grinders for Weed

Is a Weed Grinder Necessary? 

Regardless of your rolling expertise, the benefits of grinding weed are immense. Using a weed grinder will significantly reduce the preparation time for the consumption of your herb. If a manual effort requires a couple of minutes, a grinder will turn that into a few seconds. It’s quite convenient for impatient people to spark up after a long day’s work.

The Function of a Weed Grinder 

If you’re a toking novice, you might be wondering, what is a weed grinder? Weed grinders have been a popular tool among stoner culture for quite some time now. Considering the fierce competition between cannabis cultivators, the trichome potency of marijuana buds has become the number one indicator of a top-tier product, making herb stickier than ever. 

Instead of struggling to grind it manually, a cannabis grinder is a gadget that makes the process faster, more straightforward, and more approachable to beginners.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Weed Grinder 

Of course, you can always go to your local smoke shop and cop the most inexpensive grinder you can find on the shelves. However, bear in mind that using mediocre cannabis grinders will yield mediocre smoking results.

The integrity of your bud will be compromised, as trichomes tend to get stuck on cheap materials. On top of that, you might end up with smaller buds instead of a silky texture that you can actually roll, resulting in canoeing joints and blunts, a stoner’s worst nightmare. 

What Shapes The Perfect Weed Grinder? 

The best grinders for weed are usually sturdier and feature multiple compartments, preserving every bit of your flower reserves and collecting solid amounts of kief. There are a few things that you should keep an eye on when selecting your go-to herb grinder in order to ensure the most optimal smoking experience. Let’s have a look at them. 

Material Quality

You should avoid purchasing grinders crafted from a cheap material such as plastic or acrylic at all costs. Not only do they spoil your cannabis, but they are also known to harbor bacteria and leave micro-plastic residues, and you definitely don’t want to smoke that. 

Instead, opt for a mid-range option, such as an aluminum or steel grinder, or a premium option, such as a stainless steel grinder. If kept under the right conditions, the steel variant can serve you decently, although if exposed to water or humidity, it can corrode, leaving unwanted residue. 

The stainless steel alternative, on the other hand, is your best bet. No matter which conditions you keep it under, it will never disappoint you and can last up to 50 years. 

Grinder Teeth Design 

When asking yourself what are the best grinders for weed, you can’t overlook the teeth design, as it’s the most crucial component of all. Here’s a brief overview of the different teeth designs that you will find featured on various grinders:

    • Diamond-shaped teeth: By far the best and most efficient option for grinding herb. The diamond-shaped, sharp teeth help smoothen the grinding process by reducing the effort necessary to achieve a fine-grain consistency while preserving the flavor. 
    • Pyramid-shaped teeth: Featuring a broad base and a sharp point at the top, resembling the geometric shape of tiny pyramids. Suitable for those who prefer a chunkier grind. 
    • Spike-shaped teeth: Characterized by long, narrow points that can penetrate through the stickiest herbs, offering an effective, consistent grind for both dense and light buds.
    • Rectangular or steel-pin teeth: These teeth focus more on crushing and mashing herbs rather than grinding them. They are typically an option for old-school smokers and trichome preservers.
    • Shark teeth: Presenting a sleek, curved design, the pointy teeth aid the grinding process by reducing the effort required and consistently shredding your flower to perfection.
    • Spearhead-shaped teeth: Promoting a broad base and sharp, pointy tips, offering versatility within your grinds. 
    • Straight teeth: This is a straightforward design that’s more focused on chopping your bud. It's not the best option for sticky chronic, but it's a delight for less dense herbs. 

Convenience and Maintenance

Choosing the best type of grinders for weed when it comes to maintenance purely depends on the material they’re made from. Stainless steel and aluminum, of course, are the easiest of the bunch to clean, as you can simply throw them in a pot of boiling water and let the residue fall off. You can then gently rinse it as a finishing touch for a shiny, out-of-the-box look.

Regular steel, plastic, and acrylic grinders are a bit more complex to maintain. Steel doesn’t work well with water, and rinsing too hard can contribute to the peeling of the outer layers. Plastic and acrylic grinders, on the other hand, can be washed with water but are magnets for trichomes, which are hard to scrub off. 

The convenience aspect is determined by the number of compartments that your grinder holds. A three-piece or a four-piece grinder will provide the utmost convenience. Both are usually accompanied by a hermetically sealed kief catcher that collects and preserves the tiniest crumbs of weed, which can be repurposed as an extra for some of your creative rolls.

Best Weed Grinders on the Market

Regardless of whether you are looking for endurance, appearance, shredding capabilities, or compatibility, there is a grinder for you. Some even offer a combination of all four, if you have the budget to spare that is. Let’s examine some of the best grinders on the market and, hopefully, help you identify the best option for your next smoking sesh. 

Best Overall Weed Grinder

The title of overall top-contender on our list has to go to Benji - GRIND. This beautifully crafted, heavy duty 4 piece grinder is completely made out of aluminum and features rectangular-shaped teeth in the grinding compartment. The middle compartment includes a thin net used to separate the kief from your ground bud, and the bottom compartment is your designated, hermetically-sealed kief storage.

Best Budget Weed Grinder

The best cheap grinders for weed usually take shape as a 3 piece; however, a few 4 pieces also make the cut. Our personal favorite budget-friendly option is the Novelty Grinder - Diamond Lid. This bad boy is also a 4 piece featuring a grinding compartment with 22 diamond-shaped teeth, a separation chamber, and a kief compartment. On top of that, it’s quite a sight for sore eyes, too! It's a definite steal for the price. 

Best Premium Weed Grinder

If you’re a fan of psychedelic colors, the Shredder - Titanium Finish Side WIndow will elevate your rolling and smoking game to another dimension. This 40mm heavy-duty 4-piece comprises a grinding chamber with sharp, diamond-shaped teeth, a separation compartment with a kief catcher, and a kief storage chamber. 

The colorful aesthetics alone are worth the investment, as it features a side window through which you can watch your bud being crushed and ground to perfection. As a cherry on top, the Shredder does come with a titanium finish, making it the best of the best metal grinders for weed out there. You also get a carefully designed gift box as well.

Best Electric Weed Grinder

The Waxmaid Electric Herb Grinder is among the best electric grinders for weed out there. When purchasing the kit, you will receive the Waxmaid exquisite packing box, the electric cut grinder itself, an extra herb chamber, a cleaning brush, a titanium dabber, and a USB charging cable. Having an apparatus like this will reduce your manual grinding efforts to absolute zero, making it perfect for going through large quantities of your stickiest chronic.

Choosing a Grinder Suitable for Your Needs

You might be telling yourself it’s just a grinder. How hard can making a selection be? With so many to choose from, finding the right one for you and your smoking posse can be a bit challenging. After all, it is a tool that should serve you for years. Before jumping to a quick purchase, there are a few factors that you should consider. Let’s have a look at them.

Light or Heavy Usage?

If you smoke recreationally, though not often, you are fine opting for budget-friendly alternatives. However, if you are a heavy smoker, you should be ready to throw in an extra few bucks and consider getting a durable grinder that’s easy to maintain. Even with frequent use, stainless steel and aluminum grinders can serve you for decades with minimum care required. 

Budget Considerations

There are all kinds of grinders out there, including lower-range, mid-range, and upper-range options. If you’re running on a tight budget, there are plenty of plastic and acrylic grinders that you can get for a measly few bucks. Although, keep in mind that they won’t last very long and come with quite a few caveats.

Saving up a little extra will get you a mid-range metal grinder that will serve you for at least half a decade. If you are not restricted by a budget, we recommend that you not hesitate to get a top-tier grinder. You will reduce health hazards and maintenance to an absolute minimum, yield consistent grinds, and have a centerpiece for your smoke shrine.  

Home Use or Portable Option?

If you’re not planning to take your grinder out of your home, the size you choose doesn’t matter. You can definitely go ahead and purchase that big one that you have been eyeing for some time. However, if you’re trying to be discrete, copping a smaller grinder will make it easier to stash in various hiding spots around your place. 

If you consider yourself a roller and smoker on the go, we recommend getting a smaller variant. Any grinder bulging in your pocket or bag might cause suspicion and issues with the authorities, which you most definitely want to avoid. 

For all of the travelers out there who might be asking themselves, can you take a weed grinder on a plane? The short answer would be no, certainly not. 

Manual vs. Electric Grinders

What’s the better choice, a manual or an electric grinder? Most smokers prefer the manual option as they consider the electric variant a bit overkill. However, both options have a couple of advantages. 

Manual Grinder Advantages

Manual grinders don’t depend on electric components, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about any unforeseen malfunctions. On top of that, you are able to choose any general grinder and teeth design that you prefer. 

Electric Grinder Advantages

The only advantage of an electric grinder is that you can grind large amounts of bud with the click of a button instead of performing manual twists and turns. While not the most popular choice, quite a few folks might benefit from it. 

Final Thoughts: What are the Best Grinders for Weed? 

There are probably tens of thousands of different grinders available on the market. While the ideal grinder might vary from smoker to smoker, our personal recommendation is a four-piece stainless steel or aluminum grinder. You can select the teeth design based on your personal grain preference; however, ours and many others are diamond-shaped, offering consistent grinds throughout every single session.


1. What is the most durable material when it comes to weed grinders? 

    If you want durability, stainless steel and aluminum grinders are your best option. They work quite well with water, do not shed any unwanted metal residues, and are resistant to most bacteria that you can find in a grinder. With minimal care, they can serve you for up to a decade.

    2. What is the best grinder teeth design?

      Different grinder teeth offer different grind textures and consistencies. Diamond-shaped teeth are the best choice for the most consistent, silky grain texture. With little to no effort and just a few twists, they can cut through some of the most greasy, potent herbs out there.

      3. Is purchasing an electric grinder worth it?

        This purely depends on how much bud you plan to crush daily. If you’re a recreational toker who enjoys a puff or two every now and then, the answer is no. If you frequently deal with high amounts of cannabis, then it might save you both time and energy.

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