The 10 Biggest Cannabis Industry News you missed Last Month. February 2024.

The 10 Biggest Cannabis Industry News you missed Last Month. February 2024.

Welcome to another edition of the Cannabis Industry News Blog!

Welcome back, green enthusiasts! February might've been the shortest month, but the cannabis world was bursting with news reshaping the landscape. Missed out? Don't sweat it! We've rolled up the top 10 updates you need to catch up on.

In this edition, we'll take you through groundbreaking legislation changes, and innovative industry trends, and spotlight some game-changing players in the field. Stay with us as we unpack the significant strides and stumbles in the cannabis world.

1. Florida Senate passes bill banning hemp-derived THC products

Florida has recently moved a step closer to prohibiting the sale of hemp-derived products containing delta-8 and delta-10 THC within the state. This decision came after the Senate unanimously approved a bill on earlier dates. The bill is currently on its way to the state House of Representatives for further consideration, as reported by Tampa Bay TV station WTSP. 

Full Story HERE

2. US marijuana business licensing declined for the first time in 2023

After experiencing years of robust double-digit growth, the landscape of active marijuana business licenses in the United States took an unexpected turn in 2023. A recent report by CRB Monitor, a cannabis intelligence firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, revealed this intriguing shift. Surprisingly, active U.S. cannabis business licenses, spanning both medical and recreational marijuana sectors, saw a notable 4% decline from 2022 to 2023. Full Story HERE

3. Georgia Lawsuit Claims 12 Cannabis Companies Mislead Consumers With Delta Products

Hey there! So, on Feb. 6, Hannah Ledbetter, a resident, filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Georgia against 12 cannabis companies. The whole deal is about these companies selling cannabis products as delta hemp products instead of what they actually are. Crazy, right? Now, Hannah's asking for a whopping $150 million in total. The list of companies includes STIIIZY, LLC; Cookies Creative Consulting and Promotions; Cloud 9 Online Smoke & Vape, LLC; Green Rush LLC dba Xhale City; TheSY LLC dba Element Vape; Savage Enterprises; Delta Extrax; L&K Distribution; Columbia Laboratories; PharmLabs; Encore; and Pur ISO Labs LLC. What a mess! Full Story HERE

4. Flower-Free February: It's a Thing

So, Snoop Dogg said he'd "give up smoke," but surprise, surprise, it was just a marketing trick. But hey, it got some longtime stoners thinking about taking a break from Bud. Like Dry January for drinkers; now we've got herb fans trying out Flower-Free February to clear their heads for a month (and yes, it's the shortest month for a reason). Full Story HERE 

5. Connecticut marijuana sales decline in January amid product shortages

Amid talks of product shortages, adult-use marijuana sales in Connecticut took a dip in January for the first time since the market kicked off in 2023. According to data from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP), retailers raked in over $15.6 million from adult-use goodies and $9.37 million from medical products in January, as reported by New Haven-based TV station WTNH. That's a drop from $17.1 million in adult-use items and $10.3 million in medical products in December. Full Story HERE

6. Pennsylvania Governor Calls On State Lawmakers To Legalize Weed

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro this week urged state lawmakers to consider the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana, emphasizing the need to align with neighboring states that have already embraced this change. In his address on Tuesday unveiling a $48.3 billion state budget plan, Governor Shapiro highlighted the potential benefits and implications of such a policy shift, underlining the importance of staying current with evolving trends in cannabis legislation. Full Story HERE

7. Arizona lawmakers introduce marijuana interstate commerce bill

.Arizona is getting close to maybe being the next state to give the green light for marijuana sales across state lines. Lawmakers recently brought up House Bill 2770 to make this happen. Heard it on Phoenix TV station KNXV! Imagine how big a deal this could be for the cannabis scene in Arizona and beyond, right? Full Story HERE

8. Mary Jones Cannabis Bringing Its Soda, Edibles to Canada

Jones Soda, the fun soft drink company famous for its wacky flavors, mentioned on Tuesday that their cannabis line, Mary Jones, got the green light to start operating in Ontario, Canada, with more provinces in the pipeline!  Jones is also looking to branch out into other cannabis products in Canada with Tilray Brands, the Canadian cannabis company. According to the press release, Tilray takes care of manufacturing and distribution in Canada.  Full Story HERE 

9. Meta, Google must quit promoting illicit marijuana, New York governor says

Hey, did you hear? New York’s governor is calling out social media sites and search engines like Meta and Google for promoting illicit marijuana sellers. Gov. Kathy Hochul is all set for a news conference this Wednesday to spill the beans on how she's cracking down on these illegal operators. According to the New York Post, she's not holding back, saying, “Right now, Google and others are turning a blind eye to illegal stores pushing unlicensed products on their platforms. Time for them to stop promoting these illegal cannabis shops.” Let's see how Google responds to this. Full Story HERE

10. How Long Do Delta 8 Gummies Take To Kick In? (Article)

Have you ever pondered the timeframe for Delta 8 gummies to take effect? It's a question without a universal answer, as the onset can vary based on individual factors like metabolism, dosage, and personal tolerance. Considering these aspects, you can estimate when the effects kick in. Get ready to embark on a whole new adventure with Delta 8 gummies! Full Story HERE

And there you have it once more! Embrace the fantastic opportunity to maximize your potential by tapping into these emerging market trends. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletters and browse the offerings at, where you can discover a wide array of premium smoke shop products alongside exciting new weekly additions. Stay tuned to witness how the industry is projected to evolve further in 2024, dear community! Anticipate an even greater influx of captivating industry updates to keep you thoroughly engaged! We look forward to reconnecting with you in the upcoming month for more enriching content!

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