The 10 Biggest Cannabis Industry News you missed Last Month (August Edition)

The 10 Biggest Cannabis Industry News you missed Last Month (August Edition)

Hey there, fam! Welcome to the sizzling August 2023 edition of our Cannabis Industry News Blog! As we kick off another month, we're thrilled to bring you the top 10 news stories from the past month that every business owner in the industry should have on their radar. From groundbreaking laws to revolutionary product innovations, practices, and beyond, get ready to delve into the headlines that rocked the scene last month - and discover how they could impact your operations. So, grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and prepare for an exhilarating read. Let's dive right in!

SXSW Opens Voting On More Than 100 Marijuana And Psychedelics Panels For 2024 Festival

Voting is now officially open for the highly anticipated 2024 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival! And guess what? This time, you have the chance to weigh in on over 100 mind-bending marijuana and psychedelics panels that are up for consideration. Get ready to dive into a world of cutting-edge exploration and groundbreaking discussions! Let your voice be heard and help shape the future of this extraordinary event. Don't miss out! Full Story HERE

Enter the Green Galactic: Films Featuring Weed, Extraterrestrial Encounters

Last month, the stage was set for a riveting moment on Capitol Hill as retired Air Force Major David Grusch and two other members of the intelligence community took center stage. The anticipation was palpable as they delivered shocking testimony that had been eagerly awaited. In front of a House oversight subcommittee on national security, Grusch made a bold claim that left everyone in awe - the Pentagon has been secretly operating a program for decades, dedicated to retrieving and reverse engineering otherworldly vehicles. Brace yourself for a revelation like no other! Full Story HERE 

Connecticut Marijuana Sales Reach New High Of $24 Million In June, For Total Of $122 Million In First Six Months Of Recreational Sales

In June, adult-use sales exceeded medical marijuana purchases for the second consecutive month. Notably, 313,510 recreational cannabis products were sold, surpassing the 303,293 medical marijuana products. This indicates a significant achievement in the market. Full Story HERE

Virginia hemp product retailers slapped with fines under new law

Virginia authorities are taking a firm stance against stores selling unauthorized hemp-derived products, unleashing a wave of enforcement and wielding hefty fines. The crackdown is in full swing, leaving no room for non-compliance. Full Story HERE 

Allowing Interstate Cannabis Commerce Would Not Risk Federal Enforcement, Local Government Groups Tell California AG

The California attorney general’s office has been seeking input from local government and cannabis industry groups as it strives to conclude an opinion on the potential legal risks of authorizing interstate marijuana commerce under ongoing federal prohibition, as revealed by documents obtained by Marijuana Moment. Full Story HERE

Missouri Foster Parents Can Now Legally Possess, Grow Cannabis in Their Homes

However, there are guidelines to follow. Foster parents must store their cannabis in a manner that ensures it is inaccessible to children, as stated in the rule. Additionally, it is important to refrain from consuming cannabis in a way that releases smoke or vapor inside the house. If you wish to consume, it is recommended to step outside to light your joint. Full Story HERE 

Arkansas medical cannabis sales hit $23.2 million in July

Arkansas medical cannabis sales are blazing a trail towards a record-breaking year! Transactions in the state soared to an impressive $23.2 million in July alone. And that's not all! Total MMJ sales for the first seven months of 2023 have already surpassed last year's total by $7.3 million, reaching a staggering $164.6 million. Brace yourself for the green revolution in Arkansas! Full Story HERE 

Missouri Judge Denies Effort To Stop Recall of 62,000 Marijuana Products

A Missouri judge rejected a marijuana company's request to halt the recall of 62,000 products containing the company's THC concentrate, which the state determined to be a "potential threat to health and safety." Delta Extraction, a licensed marijuana manufacturer based in Robertsville, specializes in producing THC distillate, a highly potent and pure form of THC that is used in vape pens, infused pre-rolled joints, and edibles. Full Story HERE 

Bill Gates Tells Seth Rogen He Smoked Marijuana In High School ‘To Be Cool’

In a recent episode of his newly launched podcast 'Unconfuse Me', Bill Gates engaged in a conversation with actor Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller, delving into various cannabis-related topics. The discussion covered research challenges imposed by federal prohibition, marijuana potency, Gates' personal experience with cannabis during his youth, and more.

Full Story HERE

How Many Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids Does It Take To Screw in a Lightbulb?

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, former President Donald Trump unintentionally legalized commercial "hemp" production. Little did anyone anticipate the consequential ripple effect that would follow from Trump's signature and the emergence of Delta-8 as a result. Full Story HERE

And there you have it again; always remember to stay tuned, informed, and, most importantly, stay leafy!

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Stay tuned for next month's edition fam! Where we'll be serving up even more industry news that'll blow your mind! See you soon! 👋

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