Afghan Hemp

Discover Benji & Afghan Hemp

Discover Benji & Afghan Hemp

If you're looking for high-quality essentials and rolling tools for your smoke shop, you must definitely check out the BENJI and Afghan Hemp line of products. These brands offer various products within the "rolling tools" category, such as trays, papers, hemp wraps, grinders, and more.

BENJI is especially well-known for its rolling papers with a print that looks like hundred-dollar bills. A fun and luxurious brand that has achieved a great customer response. Let's face it... BENJIs are just fun to post or bring out with friends, and people really love that.

However, BENJI also offers a great variety of products that are perfect for smokers' daily routines, such as;

  • A great variety of premium rolling trays, ranging from Bamboo tray kits like The Bankroll & Bankroll Mini to walnut trays with magnetic lids and metal trays.
  • BENJI Booklets and pre-rolled cones for those who don't know how to roll or like to skip that step.
  • There's also the BENJI signature grinder, a stylish addition to any rolling kit. Comes with a booklet of rolling papers and is made to last. 
  • The latest addition to the BENJI Product line includes a set of Glass Filter Tips, making every joint a special occasion.

On the other hand, Afghan Hemp is a brand that focuses on products made of hemp.

Afghan Hemp uses the bast of dried hemp stems, which contain the best fibers for rolling papers. Afghanistan's climate is dry and cold, with only a small amount of land suitable for agriculture.

The hemp fibers used to create Afghan Hemp papers come from the eastern province of Afghanistan, called Paktia. The plots are harvested by hand, and the fibers are broken down into a pulp slurry. Once this is completed, they are molded with a deckle and gently pressed before being laid flat to dry. This process relies only on nature to convert the plant into its final product: all types of Afghan Hemp rolling paper and cone products.

Their most popular products are probably their hemp blunt wraps, CAMO Wraps and rolling papers. What makes them stand out is that all of their wraps and papers are made with 100% natural hemp, free from any chemicals or additives!

They also offer a variety of rolling tools, such as; rolling trays, pre-rolled cones, hemp wicks, and more.

So, whether you own a smoke shop or simply enjoy a good hit every day, you should definitely consider checking out Afghan Hemp and Benji products. These brands offer high-quality products that are perfect for smokers and smoke shop owners alike. By carrying products from both brands, smoke shops can provide their customers with a wide variety of smoking essentials to choose from, ensuring that they have everything they need to enjoy a perfect smoking experience.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out for all of your smokeshop supply needs.

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