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The Waxmaid 4 in 1 silicone water pipe is one of the coolest waterpipes made so far! This indestructible full sized silicone pipe with percs also doubles as a nectar collectorwith titanium nail. Additionally, it has two other smaller bubbler & pipe combinations possible. The 4 in 1 by Waxmaid is one of the most versatile silicone pipe on the market. You shouldn’t ever be bored with you silicone pipe. If you want to switch it up one day, you should be able to. Don’t settle for anything but the best because that is what you deserve. 

4 in 1 water pipe is a transformer!

Two filters design - help you to perk your cloud cleaner, provide you a better experience. 

It's a nectar collector -  mouthpiece + iron stick, assemble them together. 

You can also make it a 3 in 1 silicone water pipe.

Another filter, with the middle glass part, the whole piece could bring you two filters.

This Waxmaid Silicone water pipe comes apart in 4 sections. It stands around 9 inches tall, 2 layer of perc pipe, 1 layer pipe, a nectar collector and 1 layer sidecar pipe. Silicone downstem comes included as well as a titanium nail. The water pipe can easily be opened near the base for easy cleaning and comes in different colors.

    Qty available: 30 SKU: SiliWP-4in1

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