Secure Your Water Pipe Joints With Keck Clips From BDD

Good-quality keck clips can be a stoner or a vaper’s best friend. Whether you’re using them for your glass bong, or glass nectar collector, these plastic water pipe clips can do a good job protecting them from breakage.

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Keck clips can protect your water pipe’s joints and downsteam, but can also hold and connect useful things such as ash catchers, reclaimers, nails, and bangers to your bong. Attach them and remove them easily when cleaning or after using, these small tools are stronger than they look.

Pick the right size for your bong’s joints, and select your favorite color. Then use the keck clips to mix and match your bong accessories for a personalized touch to your simple-looking glass bongs.

These small keck clips are beneficial and fun to experiment with. Here are a few of their notable features:

  • Strong and multipurpose clips
  • Reusable and practical design
  • 10mm/14mm/18mm size options
  • Different colors to choose from

Secure your water pipes, get creative, and make your smoking sessions dope with these colorful keck clips. Pick a size and color and shop water pipe clips at BDD Wholesale today! 

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