Smoke Like a Rasta with Sharper’s 5-piece Aluminum Grinder

A good-quality hash grinder can be a lifesaver when rolling a blunt in a rush. Sharper’s 5-piece 1.5'' compact grinder comes with sharp aluminum blades and a five-piece build for a fail-safe blazing prep. One of the best things about this grinder is that it comes with an added silicone jar, so you can store your leftover weed and use it at your convenience.

Sharper’s advanced grinder uses a simple crushing process to shred the plant, then runs it through a fine mesh. Finally, you get to the good stuff. You are left with the perfect-sized flowers for your blunt on top and the fine powder on the bottom, with extra storage space in the grinder's last piece.

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 This gadget is sharp, handy, and will serve you well. It's easily transportable and fits in your pocket or bag, so you can take it anywhere.  

Take a look at Sharper aluminum grinder’s great features:

  • 5-piece advanced grinder
  • Sharp aluminum blades
  • A small 1.5” (40mm) gadget
  • Extra silicone storage compartment 
  • Rastafari-inspired color combination

Ditch the mess and enjoy a quick blazing prep with Sharper’s 5-piece aluminum grinder. Get it on BDD Wholesale today, and keep the blunts rolling!

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