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RAW’s already the top of the line for rolling paper connoisseurs, so the RAW Masterpiece line takes rolling papers to a new level of quality. This RAW King Size Masterpiece pack hooks you up with RAW unrefined all-natural hemp papers, RAW unrefined pre-rolled tips, and distinctive packaging held neatly and securely together with a 100% natural rubber band. Taste the nuances of your favorite strain with these ultra-pure rolling papers, uncontaminated by chemical treatments. It’s the natural way to smoke. RAW keeps it classy, merging style and substance by presenting the Masterpiece pack on specialized eco craft paper, utilizing exotic Japanese thermography. Roll up with only the best: the RAW King Size Masterpiece Pack.


  • Size: King size slim
  • 24 units per box
  • 32 leaves & hemp tips included
Qty available: 26 SKU: RAW-MASTER-KING

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